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"is anyone else getting lag i cant even break shit to make my penis" nachabs22
"Lag is a figment of your imagination" TheGriffinLord
"the server lags because not enough souls have been fed into the soul reactor" Scampi_
"The lag is a defense mechanism to tiktokers who have an attention span of 0.1 milliseconds" HZombieMan

MinecraftOnline is very laggy. The main factor behind the lag is the server's outdated software. While the server was finally updated to 1.12.2 on April 3rd, 2021, the infamous lag still remains. Lag can also be controlled with periodic restarts happening whenever:

  1. Admin thinks the server is too laggy.
  2. In semi-uncommon cases, if a moderator with IRC operator role thinks the server is too laggy, especially with an uptime of over 24 hours.
  3. When updates to the server's codes are made.
  4. In a worse case, the server grinds to a halt and automatically restarts.

How to prevent lag

  • Reduce render distance to under 6 (six is the server’s default render distance. You cannot see further than that except on renders).
  • Do not run laggy machines or contraptions, or only run for a few minutes. Staff may teleport players who are in such places to reduce server impact. Admin may also disable or remove them without notice.
  • Move out of Spawn. It helps to improve the server and your game client’s performance due to how complex the area is, although this rarely happens because of AFKers and newbies.

How to deal with the lag

  • Doing /sit will help prevent blocks from reappearing, but will make mining slower.
  • Use enchanted diamond tools
  • Wait for server plugins to fix it, if ever
  • Accept it

Effects of lag

This is not a comprehensive list.

  • Block lag, which is when the block reappears after it is broken. You will know when you see it.
  • Items refuses to be crafted, to be stored, be moved, or be collected
  • Redstone contraptions break or function slower
  • More cases of ghost blocks appear, which is when the client believes there is no block occupying a spce but the server does
  • It is impossible to travel fast without getting flung back
  • Chunks does not load

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