Lazuli Group

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Organisations Lazuli Group
Lazuli Group Flag.png
Leadership Eksprolek_, 4untochrist
Headquarters Die Verbindung
Founded 07.04.2021
Public? yes
Status Unknown

The Lazuli Group is an organization that aims to create a network of settlements that support and strengthen each other.


As stated above, The Lazuli Group's main purpose is to connect various settlements, which will suport each other, as well as buying smaller organizations to make them more effective.


The Lazuli Group started when Eksprolek noticed that the Great Builders Guild wasn't serving its purpose, and the settlements it had control of were empty and small. So, he decided to start the Lazuli Group. He immediately connected The Awesome Archipelago, Slimetopia, and GBG. Soon, Eksprolek has bought Daata Foundation. Foundation head quarter were also built. Some time after that, Vksman, returned to the server to build a gigantic city, Minetopia, and asked who is interested in helping. Eksprolek saw this as opportunity to involve the the Lazuli Group, and joined the project.

On 14.03.2021, 4untochrist agreed to connect Die Verbindung to Lazuli Group.

On 20.06.2021, Heaven On Sea joined Lazuli Group, which was a important adition to the Lazuli Group and the first settlement that was created without help of Eksprolek.

On 18.11.2021, project Guard Towers was started and capital was moved to Die Verbindung


GBG members
  • Petr084 suspended member, positive member, worker
  • Jayri0tt(banned) former member, negative member, resource collector and toolsmith.
  • Water13_ standard member, positive member, builder and helper
  • BrostrodYT important member, positive member,setelment creator, has got title "island master".
  • BuilderDino former member, positive member, builder,don't know why he left.
  • Fobboscraft (banned) honourary member, positive member, builder will be remebered
  • Vecxin(Mod Admin banned) honourary member, builder and Craftbook Engineer.

Organisations owned By Lazuli Group

Settlements connected to Lazuli Group