Monument of Heroes

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green_statues.png Monument of Heroes

Steve, holding his sword high.

Owner ScarClaw72
Category Statues
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Size north to south 15m
Size west to east 15m
Height 98m
Coordinates X=-13051
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Project MOON
Map Link

The Original

The Monument of Heroes was originally built on the now-defunct server Crafting Madness. Half of CM was a free build creative server without plots, echoing a very similar style to Freedonia except without the survival element. It was no grief, and unrestricted. The founders of Project MOON frequented the server and together formed a mix-match city called Lakeside, the original home to this statue. With Crafting Madness dead, and the opportunity in the Archipelago, ScarClaw72 opted to bring it into the new project as a memento from the days of the old server.

In Freedonia

The Monument is a replica of the one depicted in ScarClaw72's Project 303 novel. It focuses on Steve, after his defeat of Herobrine (and the Giant) in the final events of Minecraft: The Three Evils. In its sequel, Minecraft 2: Rise of Entity 303, the statue is erected in honor of Steve and his heroism. It now stands in Project MOON, offering a spectacle to those passing between The Harbor and The Hub Island. Unlike common statues, it features a more realistic pose (at least as far as Minecraft characters can go) using stair cases and slabs to make it look as natural as possible. A duplicate of this statue with some minor alterations by Eclypto18 was built by Scar in New Eden as well.