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Statues are a type of construction that depict a player, creature, or plant, as well as anything inspired by real life statues. Creations of inanimate or abstract objects, such as food, should be placed in Category:Sculptures.

About Statues

Statues are some of the more popular constructions in Freedonia, no doubt due to easy reference to real life counterparts, ease of construction, and visual distinctiveness. Subjects for statues vary, but of particular interest are the many idols of various admins and moderators that litter the landscape, cementing their pseudo-religious mystique into the mind of the lowly player. Said admins and mods are known to change their appearance on a whim though, so it is not uncommon to run across a statue dedicated to ToneDial only to find a depiction of some bloke with a sheep. AgentMuu In particular is known for his depictions of other admins upon the Isle of Muu.

Coloured wool is a common choice of building material for statues, due to its flexibility.


Pixel art

A subset of the statue creations, works of pixel art are always popular in any block or tile based game. They are separated from statues by their two-dimensional nature, whereas statues tend to take full advantage of the 3D nature of Minecraft. Most often, works of pixel art are duplications of 8-bit video game sprites, due to their highly recognisable nature and easy reproduction within the limited colour gamut of the game's materials.

The most pixel art in one place is at Artville which has various 8bit and 16bits created by players.

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