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Organisations Red Book
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Headquarters Unknown


Red Book is a company that specializes in redstone and Craftbook, willing to perform menial tasks such as clearing vast spaces underground and complex redstone wiring for free. Our goal? To make the residents of Freedonia happier knowing someone can help them when they need it.

The Badge

The 'Red Book Badge' is something every member of Red Book has on their skin, it is a red-white two-pixel pattern on the left side of their chest. If you see anyone with this, ask them for redstone/craftbook-related help, they should be willing.


Red Book can be hired for a multitude of services. Examples include:

  • Combination locks for you vault
  • Clocks (in cooperation with the Shintyx Time Corp.)
  • Room/Outdoor lighting or fires, time controlled or player controlled
  • Light shows
  • Large clearing of areas
  • Many, many more

Current Members of Red Book

How to Contact Us

Simply ask us in-game or on IRC and we will help as soon as possible.