Sunrise Hotel

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green_hospitality.png Sunrise Hotel

Inside the lobby of the Sunrise Hotel.

Owner Anna_28
Contributors Kittyboy666
Category Hospitality
Underground? Partly
Public? Yes
Completed 27/02/2015
Size north to south 28m
Size west to east 25m
Height 48m
Coordinates X=-5471
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

View of the Sunrise Hotel, showing some of the public farms.
Render of the main path to Acacia Roads.
Two bridges along the path from the hotel to Acacia Roads.

The Sunrise Hotel, is a tall hotel in 1.7 terrain. It gives a spot for players to stay the night and start out.

Players are able to have a room at the hotel, you can ask Anna_28 or AlphaAlex115 for one. If you have a room, you can decorate the inside, but can not change the walls/windows, floors or roof (you can place carpet blocks however).

Players will often stay here for a while to collect materials before they go out and build, if you wish to leave the hotel please inform Anna or Kitty. You may also want to take your things back with you.

< CelticLiquid> don't forget to take the tiny soaps from the hotel

Public Farms

The hotel itself has its own public farms outside that replant themselves as well as a large amount of sheep and cows in the area. Also outside you can find a public mine shaft and nether portal. There are farms for wheat, carrots, potatoes, netherwart and plenty of sugarcane around the edges of the nearby rivers.

Other rooms

As well as the rooms for people to stay the night in, there are a few rooms that are for hotel staff or public use.

The main lobby has info on sign around the walls, as do most rooms in the hotel. It also has a enderchest, furnace (with a hopper above it), crafting table, cauldron and brewing stand behind the reception for public use.

Another one of the public rooms is the enchanting room on the 3rd floor, which has a enchantment table with enough bookshelves to get level 30 enchants with. There is also a bathroom on the 4th floor which contains brewing stands and cauldrons.

The lights in the hotel are all connected up with redstone too, so can be turned off by hotel staff from the room at the reception. There is also a way to get into the elevator shaft which has access to the redstone, lights and behind some of the rooms and elevators. The full beacon can also be accessed from there.

Kittyboy666's room can be found on floor -1, currently still a work in progress.

Acacia Roads link

Acacia roads also links here, you can follow one of the many gravel paths visible on the map to get here by foot or horse.

Boat link

The Mushiana Route also links to this location and connects MineWood through a nearby river surrounded by sugarcane.

Rail link

In progress.

Moonset Hotel, Twilight Hotel and Solar Eclipse Hotel

Other hotels built with a similar layout as the Sunrise Hotel, but with different materials.