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User guyed
Gender male
In Freedonia
First joined 08 April 2011
Kit level ***** Obsidian
Legacy donor level ***** Obsidian
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Guyed is a former admin, who resigned the position in December 2011 due to real-life time constraints.

Capable of boring players to death within 2 minutes of them joining

<MtChar> youre fucking annoyin guyed
<MtChar> bye
MtChar left the game (disconnect.genericReason)

GuyEd lives out to the west of the map in a redneck recluse area.

House on a lake
Part of the valley


  • People who support the server, even if it's just a wood kit
  • GuyEd likes the concept of passive role play - for instance an actual nighttime, not being able to teleport about the map at will [see character flaw section] and all the difficulties these things bring, this is because it enables you to have actual unintended adventures. Not keen on 'real' roleplay with mind numbing scripts although the Shadow of Israphel youtube stuff is good.
  • Doesn't mind building stuff that's unoriginal - you can't beat a log home in the woods for the minecraft feel. You might write a good 3 chord song but someone else has used those three chords elsewhere - you add your own style. Also digs things like the Dam, UnderWorld and similar.
  • GuyEd buildings tend to have a purpose, but fit in with the passive role play style of play, a stable/barnfor sheep spawners, a chicken coup for chicken spawners.
  • The occasional darker side to the game - fights and thivery.
  • Dry wit, college humour in chat, controlled generosity.


  • GuyEd is against rain being controllable, since it will end up like nighttime where players shout louder and louder in chat until everyone votes for it to turn off prematurely. The arguement being that a survival server with no darkness and no weather might as well be a freebuild server.
  • Mob grinders
  • People using (banned) xray and similar
  • Endless fights, endless social drama in chat.

Character Flaws

  • Occasionally hypocrytical: For instance, despite not idea of players being to teleport around the map at will, guyed has this donor ability and likes it. (Sorry, only human)

Assets/Abilities for lease

  • 10 spawner sheep barn. I can teleport you to this for a fee, bring your own sword and dyes and stay as long as you need.
  • 1km+ rail line. If you want your "on a rail" achievement I can teleport you to this.
  • The usual cactus farm and reed farm
  • Can deliver wood to you if you run out of torches while exploring, but only for a fee since it's your own faualt for not planning correctly. Payment is usually in diamonds or gold ore but will accept iron or anything rare/unusual.
  • Taxi service for a fee (deliver one player to another). Usually 1 diamond payment, but will accept arrow stacks or unrenewable/rare/unusual items (e.g. red dye).

Current projects

  • Railway nework almost completed (sound and intersections to complete)
  • Currently digging out a large underground landscape
  • Playing with sound blocks and redstone circuits.

Other peoples

Provides materials support to other projects, may provide 'bottomless' chests or soil/wood/stone/wool at your construction site depending on your behaviour/character.

  • Assisted Quizlibet with excavation
  • Assisted Jamexin with excavation
  • Assisting TBSliver with on-site 'bottomless' chests of wool and stone products


  • Once quickly laid a rectangular block base without thinking to test a redstone circuit but used flamable netherrack as the material - ending up on fire and having to dive in water.
  • Once explored a massive underground cave and found a large cavern with a sand roof. One wrong move disturbed the roof above and it came crashing down in a cascade - with the ocean above it falling in too. Narrowly survived by luck - stepping back into a small alcove which GuyEd was sealed into by the collapse and had to tunnel out, before sheepishly asking for a friends assistance in fixing the hole in the roof now flowing massive amounts of water into the dungeon.
  • Sent a teleport request to a player and carried on mining. The teleport was accepted mid pickaxe swing and the receiving player got a pickaxe to the head. The last laugh was on guyed as the innocent players wolves in the same room promptly attacked at this sign of agression and killed guyed.

Many more to follow...


Ask a friend to stay

A friend wanted to come out to my home to stay. We met at the far off town of Watershire where I gave my colleague some equipment (stating that the way ahead was dangerous and he should take the armour and sword). We made our way north west. Night fell as we moved we had to dodge and fight monsters using up all the arrows I'd hope would be enough to keep them at bay.

Frequently we had to stop, set torches and check the map and compare it our surroundings as the other player fought off the monsters. We didn't use the /getpos or /jumpto witchcraft others are addicted to. We'd then remove the torches and keep moving, speed and distance being a good defence against monsters and other players alike.

We crossed a small stretch of open water by swimming and as we approached land we noticed lights beneath us in the water shining up, perhaps someones secret hideout.

After climbing over a minor mountain we reached the opposite shoreline, setup torches built a workchest then boats whilst my companion fought off monsters. I jumped in the first boat and on my instructions my companion destroyed the torches and workbench leaving no signs of our travel. As he did we were surprised by another person that appeared briefly. I had time to turn the boat and draw my sword but then the person disappeared, perhaps into the trees.

We didn't stop to search for them but hastily set about covering the big expanse of water watching behind for pursuit but saw none. We were aware that we were close enough to Watershires outlying constructions that someone could be following to attack us and take our possessions.

After crossing the majority of the water we reached a series of small outcrops of rock that we had to pass, almost forming a labyrinth in our way. I accidentally collided with one of these, destroying the boat, and had to swim for the shore. Luckily I was beginning to this we were near to the destination, so didn't construct another.

We followed the shoreline fighting skeleton archers and zombies but we didn't need to check the map any longer as the territory was becoming more familiar. We turned a corner to duck under a small opening in the raised shoreline and entered a big lake area with raised valley walls and water falls to either side. Small torches discreetly lit the area while a bright pair of torches ahead showed a minor tunnel. As we entered the tunnel dawn came, and as we exited we did so to the setting moon in front of us and the breaking of day, revealing my house in the middle of a lake with farmland to either side, cows crazing, a small forest, a number of waterfalls and raised valley walls surrounding it.

I opened my house and storage chests and asked my fellow adventurer to set his home here, and apologised for the massive trek that had had to be made, which I was a little embarrassed by, I thought he would be totally fed up by now. He replied

"dude that was epic!"