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User 2Catnip

It's a Giant Cyborg Pharaoh Eyeball, c'mon!

Known as Giant Cyborg Eyeball (GCE), Giant Cyborg Pharaoh Eyeball (GCPE), Catnip, 2Catnip, Catmeister, EYES, Pharaoh Catnip, Pharaoh EYES
Gender Male, but eyes don't have gender
Location AZ / UT / EYE
Nationality Eyemerican
DOB 2000-03-11
Occupation Full-Teyeme Student
In Freedonia
First joined 03 December 2018
First building 1Catnip's Base
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Alternate account of 1Catnip. See 1Catnip.

2Catnip is a mysterious figure, clearly a separate entity from his main account. As an all-knowing Pharaoh, he differs from his suit-wearing cousin by right of power. Little is known about this alternate identity of 1Catnip, whether he is empathetic with his subjects or a mad tyrant is unknown. Only time will tell.

2Catnip's main purpose is to be the diplomat for other towns, living in them and experiencing Catnip's place outside of Catini Catra. 2Catnip currently lives in The Republic of Verico, New Eden, Las Vereno, and Beaverton, but wishes to expand his real-estate investments. If you see the wild 2Catnip, ask him to be a member of your town and you'll soon not regret. Also take a picture with him, since 2Catnip is a rare occurance.

There is a statue of him in Catini Catra.