Catini Catra

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green_towns.png Catini Catra

View of the HQ, Bathhouse, and Void42_'s house.

Founder 1Catnip
Contributors Limewire, MrSlimeDiamond, Void42_, Dread_Nova, Dianthiauwu, TheDemetri, WaffleNomster, pizzaboxer, Mr_McBricks
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Size north to south 300m
Size west to east 300m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=3543
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Catini Catra is a town made in the reawakening of the 1Catnip Justice League. After an office building was made in the 1Catnip Justice League HQ, people began flooding into the pyramid. With a new demand for resources, members of the 1CNJL began to make builds outside of the HQ. The word "town" began to be thrown around, so 1Catnip held a meeting to officially start a town around the HQ. A vote was made to name the town, and Dread_Nova's suggestion of Catini Catra was passed.

How to get there

To get to Catini Catra, take the nexus to Nexus SouthEast (Yellow) 3 Milva. Follow the town roads immediately west until you reach the edge of town. Head north and you should come across a bridge. Follow that road until you pass through an NPC village and you will enter into the farm pyramid and eventually into town. The town is also accessible via Highway 22A.

Flag of Catini Catra (made by HY_Turkic)


1. 1Catnip        2. TheDemetri      3. MrSlimeDiamond
4. WaffleNomster  5. SenatorApple    6. Mr_McBricks
7. pizzaboxer     8. Void42_         9. Raflamar
10. Limewire       11. TheGolum        12. Dianthiauwu
13. Dread_Nova     14. SoreCapybara227 15. cupcake98
16. Vecxzin        17. EastDakota      18. HY_Turkic
19. bucketsofwasps 20. Flamehaze97     21. DropperOfRivia
22. cafe7          23. Otis_Wong       24. Peekaboo_gaming



Map locations in order listed below. Map is accurate to March 19, 2020. Missing map locations have either been removed, are vacant, or are projects not planned to be finished.

1a. 1CNJLHQ                                                                  1b.  Katnip Fried Chicken  1d. Catnip's Palace
1e1. Void42_'s Upside Down Pyramid                                        1e2. Archway to Void's Pyramid
1e3. Mr_McBrick's cactus exhibit. No touchy                               1f. 1Catnip's house 
1g. Dianthiauwu's pyramid                                                 2a. Wool, Wheat, and automated Steak farm (Currently out of service)
2b. Vecxzin's project (WIP)                                               2c. 1CNJLHQ Minimodel
2e. 2Catnip statue and altar.                                             2f1. CatnipCondos #1 ( cafe7)
2f2. CatnipCondos #2 ( SoreCapybara227)                                    2g. Island donated to The Republic of Verico
3a. DropperOfRivia's Obama Temple                                         3b1. Casa Del Sols Housing #1 ( SenatorApple)
3b2. Casa Del Sols Housing #2 ( Peekaboo_Gaming)                           3c2. Hipster Hills Housing #2 ( bucketsofwasps)
3d3. The Gay House ( Otis_Wong)                                            4a. Cafe7's Vintage Record Shop                                             
4g. Flamehaze97's State of Cascadia Wood Embassy                          4h. EastDakota's Visitor Center                                           
4i. Flamehaze97's House                                                   4j1. Dread_Nova's Pyramid of the Coin                                                 
4j2. Dread_Nova's Lighthouse (WIP)                                        4L. Zeptuno's House       
5. Xyginator's Shitpost                                                   Red Arrow 1. West Catini Catra Road To Freedonia Route 79 and Gran Syre     
Red Arrow 2. To Sand City                                                    Red Arrow 3. To Highway 22A


Just something HY_Turkic made this for a a diamond, the yellow rose comes from an inside joke between Catnip and Demetri.

Sister Cities

Catini Catra is sister cities with Montegaux and Charlietown. Check out their wikis and explore!