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User AuraFireblood
Known as Aura
Gender Female
Location UK
Nationality British
In Freedonia
View profile and statistics AuraFireblood is one of the founders of Mount Pespla. On 17th October, 2021, she met two players who decided to found a town : Anubis773 and Gerbuda, she choosed to follow them to this new town. Once they found a savannah plateau, they founded their town here and called it Mount Pespla. Aura built the first house of the village. A few days after Gerbuda was banned for griefing glowstone near Central nexus. She began to build a new house in the center of the town, but she never finished it because she also got banned in February 2022 for breaking unnatural glowstone near nether spawn, but she didn't even remember it. She did an appeal a few months later on discord, and was unbanned by Anna_28 in April 2022. However, her Minecraft client kept crashing when she tries to log on Minecraft Online, so she stopped playing for a while. She is semi-active currently.

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