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nexus_cities.png Glenfiddich

Map screenshot on 18 dec 2011

Founder AndreyDio
Contributors Glen Team, AmoDK, lacrosse1991, okoshima, shypixel
Category Cities
Underground? Subway system
Fortified? Yes
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Size north to south 981m
Size west to east 1071m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? Yes (Great Circle and Aeginus Routes)
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=148
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Founded as a castle by AndreyDio in May 2011, Glenfiddich has grown rapidly and is now one of the largest cities in Freedonia. The city is administered by Glen Team.

Rail and Subway

Glenfiddich railway station
Central Metro Station

Freedonia Railway System
Glenfiddich is a station stop along the Occidental Express line of the Freedonia Railway System, and can be reached from Spawn (buy a ticket for the green line and use /st glenfiddich). The station is located in front of the main gate.

Glenfiddich Metro:
The Metro is the fastest way to get around town. All places of interest are just a short walk away form one of the stations. The entrance to the Central Station is inside the main gate, opposite GT Shop.

Red Line:

Glenmorangie Central Station (interchange station: Blue Line, Green Line, FRS)
↔ Laphroaig
↔ Glenlivet
↔ Cardhu (interchange station: Blue Line)
↔ Mines of Glen
↔ Glenlivet

Blue line:

Glenmorangie Central Station (interchange station: Red Line, Green Line, FRS)
↔ Macallan
↔ Cardhu (interchange station: Red Line)
↔ Performing Arts Centre
↔ ShinOkaMatsu Village
Glenfiddich Temple

Green Line:

Glenmorangie Central Station (interchange station: Red Line, Blue Line, FRS)
↔ The Oracle's Temple
↔ Harbour
(planned ↔ Glenfiddich Craftbook Park)
(planned ↔ Glen Team Mansion)

Orange Line:

Tour of Glenfiddich. In about 7 to 8 minutes, the tour takes you through all central districts. A personal tour guide explains the sights in the chat window. Please do not leave your cart until you return to the station.
Map of the Glenfiddich Metro System

Living in Glenfiddich

If you would like to have a house in town, contact AndreyDio, nosefish, fmxstick or bubba_basti for a plot. Unauthorized buildings may be removed without notice. The town's residents are friendly and welcoming.


The gates.
of AndreyDio and okoshima — now gone
The scenery from afar
Historical view of Glenfiddich when it was made a warp
Original gates of Glenfiddich
Map screenshot probably around August 2011

In the deep past of Freedonia, the castle of Glenfiddich was built by Duke Dzirt, the ruler of the surrounding country. A tyrant and murderer, Dzirt was duly hated by his subjects and neighboring nobles alike, making it a necessity for him to live in a strong fortress, cold and unpleasant as it must have been back then before the invention of glass windows.

One of his biggest rivals was the emperor's uncle. One day Dzirt and his confidants got drunk and raided his home, killing him in the process. By this deed, Dzirt doomed himself to eternal pursuit.

The emperor was furious when he learned of the violent death of his relative and ordered the capture of Dzirt, dead or alive. Having no allies left in Freedonia, Dzirt and his followers prepared their seemingly impenetrable fortress for siege. The emperor tasked General Dio with the attack on Glenfiddich Castle. But even after two years of siege, the castle being completely cut off from the rest of the world, Dzirt still laughed at all the fruitless attempts to conquer his unassailable fortress. Dio was desperate and he decided to go on a suicide mission. He asked his men to shoot him over the castle walls with a catapult at night. Despite concerns that he might be going mad, his soldiers obeyed — and miraculously, he landed in the castle's fountain and survived, heavily wounded. Dio opened the main gate and his men took the castle, killing everyone inside. Unfortunately, Dio's wounds were too grave and he died the same night.

The emperor, impressed by Dio's courage, decided to give Glenfiddich Castle to Dio's eldest son. Under his rule, the once sinister fortress was turned into a welcoming fortified town and soon several walled districts had to be added to accommodate the growing number of inhabitants. Even nowadays, the town of Glenfiddich is still ruled by a descendant of General Dio, AndreyDio, who continues his ancestors' work.

Some careless people have claimed this account of Glenfiddich's history to be made up bullshit and that the town was, in fact, founded by AndreyDio and mrsprinkly in much more recent times, and is still being developed and expanded by Glen Team. Their foolishness becomes obvious when taking into account the fact that every single one of them has managed to stab himself while polishing his sword, shortly after making that completely unfounded statement.

Rumors have been spreading that a great evil is lurking somewhere deep below the city. This photo was retrieved from the body of an unfortunate adventurer:


Festivities In Glenfiddich

There will be different festivities all over the next year and Glenfiddich will display some infront of the big "Glen" sign

For Christmas, Ellen124, werdnaz, and bubba_basti have made a christmas tree:

Christmas Tree

For Chinese New Year, The_Jackal_249 and bubba_basti made a chinese symbol and lanterns around it. The chinese symbols translate to "Water Dragon", which is the next animal of the chinese calendar.

Chinese Characters


Glenfiddich now comprises the original 11 walled districts, all named after whiskey brands, a jungle district, a harbour, and a vast expansion area, in which, among other buildings, the Japanese-style ShinOkaMatsu Village is located.


Most visitors to Glenfiddich will arrive in this district. The entrance hall houses the popular GT Shop and the Metro station. The other buildings provide public services or entertainment.

  • GT Shop
  • Central Metro Station, connects to all lines
  • Visitor Centre (empty for now)
  • Public automatic oak tree harvester with supply shop which sells 64 bonemeal or 32 saplings for 1 iron.
  • Museum of Glen
  • Notre Dame de Glenfiddich
  • Great Forge
  • Night Club "Insomnia"
  • Post Office
  • District Information Center and Warp Hub
  • Glen Team face wall


Residential district.


This district was formerly the Castle of Dzirt. Today, it is subdivided into three distinct areas:

Central Aberlour

Upper Aberlour

  • Garden
  • The Queen's Legs Tavern
  • Gentlemen's Club
  • Blacksmith "Ref Dwarf" — He's a good smith, but not much of a writer.
  • mrsprinkly's house
  • werdnaz's house
  • xanthiel's house

Lower Aberlour

  • Glenfiddich Arena
  • The Hobbit Hole


Lower class residential buildings.

  • Nether portal
  • Metro Station (blue line)
  • Apartment building. If you would like to buy an apartment here, contact AndreyDio. Price for 1 apartment - 15 diamonds.

Grand Chartreuse

If you seek entertainment in Glenfiddich, this is a good place to go.


Residential district.



The Glenfiddich Pigchinko arena fills the whole district. It was completely rebuilt in early 2012 to make use of the new Craftbook ICs programmed by Drathus42, and to improve its overall appearance.


Winter district being developed by AndreyDio.

  • Huge snowball (wip)
  • Santa's house ( jonathanpanda)
  • Metro Station (red line)


All buildings in this district adhere to the theme of "wood":


New district with a modern style. bubba_basti is building here, with support from Ellen124.

Jungle District

This artificial jungle was built by nosefish after the update to Minecraft version 1.2.4 and houses the Jungle Tree Harvester. An elevated wooden path leads visitors around. Some of the trees can be climbed and offer a spectacular view of the city. At night, the jungle is sparingly lit and not particularly safe.

Expansion Area 1

This expansion area has doubled the size of Glenfiddich, adding an imperial feel to the area by using 1.8 stone-brick for the walls. It took one whole day for fmxstick and glitch80 to clear areas and build the walls.

The expansion has put the following inside the walls of Glenfiddich:


Started by bubba_basti and expanded by many others, the harbour connects Glenfiddich with the destinations of the Great Circle- and Aeginus Boat Routes. Notable builds here include

The harbour at night


ShinOkaMatsu Village(村のしんおかまつ)

This Village is made in a Japanese style on the hills inside the expansion area by fmxstick. The village gathered builders far and wide around Freedonia so fmxstick expanded the village into the land closer to fmxstick's Bujutsu Temple and the rice fields.


Mines of Glen

Outside the walls near the Dalmore district, a shaft tower marks the location of a new mining camp.

Expansion Area 2

As Glenfiddich filled up again it had to expand to give new Glen Team members an area to build within Glenfiddich this time it has expanded to the south.

Modern Glenfiddich District

Army/Marine/Airforce Base District

  1. Air Force Base completion %70
  2. Army Base completion %10
  3. Marine Base completion %5

Additional Media ScarClaw72 featured Glenfiddich in Episode 54 (Part 1)and Episode 57 (Part 2) of Exploring Freedonia, as part of the third season.