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"Best museum, best lag!"

green_museums.png Newport Museum / Odds and Ends
Old Museum.png

A capture from the museum's previous location

Owner NightSteak9
Contributors The FHS, Darkerfly, Leo_Belgicus, Hijacked_, r9q, Poddkachu1998, snakyman, ___Oak
Category Museums
Underground? Partially
Public? Yes
Started 11/31/20
Completed When there's nothing left to collect
Coordinates X=-10554
Dimension Overworld, Nether
Settlement Newport
Map Link

Newport Museum (formerly known as Odds and Ends Museum) is the largest museum & one of the most famous sites on MinecraftOnline, hosting a massive collection of glitched/unusual items, collectibles, player heads, map art, and more collected by NightSteak9. The collection can be found at X:10554 Y:69 Z:19056, and is easiest to visit through Newport, Nexus Light Blue 1. Newport Museum is part of the Freedonian Historical Society.

An interior shot of the first floor displays.

History NightSteak9 started collecting artifacts as soon as he joined MCO, originally in hopes of eventually turning a profit. After his collection outgrew his chests, he realized he needed a place to put everything. Odds and Ends was promptly founded in the basement of NightSteak9's Finland villa, but soon outgrew that as well. Over the next few months, Odds and Ends became one of the largest museums on MCO, hosting numerous unique items and entities, including a zombie horse. In August of 2021, NightSteak9 moved Odds and Ends museum to the city of Newport, where it remains to this day.


The museum is located in the Historical/museum district of Newport, it currently operates within five buildings there:

  • Newport Museum Mainsite, made by r9q and Darkerfly
  • Banner Spire (formerly known as Imperial Tower), made by snakyman
  • Cigar Tower, made by r9q
  • Project Babel (WIP), made by snakyman
  • Several connected floors of the neigboring Twin Towers, made by MSWindows
  • Nether Wing (under contruction)

The museum is also located on the Newport Highline, an elevated walkway/park with various entrances to the museum along it. You can get to the museum through the Newport ice road system from the nexus point.


Complied below is an extensive, yet *far* from complete & very outdated list of items on display at the museum. A few entities and items present in the collection are currently not on display, these items are marked with *. Items that were previously on display but have since been removed/destroyed are marked with **.


  • Alpha leaves (oak)
  • Alpha leaves (birch)
  • mirko93s' Teleport trail (glitched sword, unbreaking III)
  • Dragon egg
  • Villager spawn egg
  • Sheep spawn egg**
  • Witch spawn egg**
  • Alpha slab
  • Blank written book
  • Empty enchanted book
  • Water block
  • Lava block
  • Silk touch shears
  • Anomalous stone slab
  • Anomalous teleport trail
  • Sideways acacia log
  • Sideways birch log
  • Uncraftable potion/splash potion/lingering potion/tipped arrow
  • Arrow of splashing
  • Nether portal block**
  • All-sided stone block
  • Bow with power 1 and power 2 enchantments
  • Stack of 64 enchanted diamond swords
  • Sword with protection 4
  • Axe enchanted with Luck of the Sea
  • Totem of Undying**
  • Knowledge Book**

Untextured Items

  • Untextured cobblestone
  • Untextured enchanted golden apples x2 (2 different ID's)
  • Untextured redstone
  • Untextured lever
  • Untextured sandstone
  • Untextured sign
  • Untextured hopper
  • Untextured fence gate
  • Untextured seeds
  • Untextured diamond
  • Four variants of alpha leaves

Event Items

  • 7th Birthday Cake
  • 8th Birthday Cake
  • 9th Birthday Cake
  • 10th Birthday Cake
  • 11th Birthday Cake
  • 12th Birthday Cake
  • Warped Earth
  • Solid Void
  • Ender Fragment
  • Endsurrection Dragon Head
  • Endsurrection Dragon Eye
  • Endsurrection Armor Set
  • Spooky Pumpkin 2019 (Lit/Unlit)
  • Spooky Pumpkin 2020 (Lit/Unlit)
  • Spooky Pumpkin 2021 (Lit/Unlit)
  • Spooky Pumpkin 2022 (Lit/Unlit)
  • Pumpkin Pail 2021
  • Pumpkin Pail 2022
  • Christmas Tree 2020
  • Christmas Tree 2021
  • Snowball 2021
  • Fool's Diamond 2022
  • New Year's Rocket 2022
  • Winter Build Competition Participant Trophy 2020
  • Pride Block Collection 2020 (6/6)
  • Pride Block Collection 2021 (6/6)
  • Pride Block Collection 2022 (6/6)
  • Pride Flower 2022
  • BLM Block
  • Robot Dragon Eye
  • Scrap Metal
  • Metal Crystal
  • All of the Petrifaction/Terrain Dragon drops (Do I really gotta keep listing these? We got a lot of stuff, just come check it out)
  • More stuff


  • The Original Zombie Horse**
  • Stack of Pigs
  • Einar (immortal Villager)
  • Jeff the Pig (immortal pig)
  • Invisible Shulker (Ranch)**
  • Rainbow Shulker (Ranch)**
  • Wither Shulker (Ranch)
  • Power Paws (Easter 2023)*
  • Donkey (with 26 hearts of health)**
  • 'Glow Squid'
  • Giant** (Taken by the Fun Police)
  • Invisible Pig**
  • Immortal, no AI Enderman from Shulker Ranch** (Taken by the Fun Police)

Update: NedHuman has killed every mob in Newport Museum out of spite, over beef he had with an employee. Some, such as the stack of pigs, were a 1:1 mob which can not be replaced.

Update 2: Admin Void42_ has graciously replaced our stack of pigs, adding additional mob protections to prevent future attacks. In light of this upgrade, new mobs have been moved to the museum.

Illegal Minecarts

  • Bedrock minecart
  • Floating pumpkin minecart**
  • Farmland minecart
  • End portal frame minecart
  • Portal frame minecart

Rep Cookies


Special Items

  • PvP Apple (1 of 2)
  • Connect 4 Tournament Token (1 of 3)
  • Water Block
  • Lava Block
  • Skeleton Key
  • Bug Net
  • 'ToKeN'
  • Wood Vault Key ( ScarClaw72)
  • Gold Vault Key ( NightSteak9)
  • Diamond Vault Key ( Teaacup)
  • Silly Bow
  • Silly Shovel
  • Silly Sword
  • 'Zombie Slayer' Wooden & Stone Swords


Newport Museum features a massive library under the building. There are future plans under way to make a working library with over 200 books in its collection.


Odds and Ends Museum boasts a copy of nearly every map art currently on the server, with more added as they are created.

Unusual Teleport Trails

  • Wrong Coordinates Spawn Trail
  • Void Town
  • Eternum (Nether)
  • Error Code Teleport Trail snakyman's Collection

The top floor of the museum is home to snakyman's private collection, containing some of the rarest items that he has come into possession of over the years!

Other Locations

(See Freedonian Historical Society for complete list)

Ballahack Mine Excavation Site (6594, 61, 20063)

Sel Stronghold & Mineshaft (14953, 83, 13570)

Micro Museum (-160, 202, 336)

Spawn Gallery (-110, 217, 261)

Borderland Village (16559, 71, 11864)

Mountain Village (1042, 120, 22083)

Witch Hut (-22454, 64, 1309)

Checkered Snowfall Chunks (-21887, 64 -2236)

Cross Section Jungle Temple (-160, 64, -16370)

Mesa Isles (-3158, 64, 15732)

Oldport Museum


** = Destroyed/Removed

* = In Collection, Off Display

Selling and Donating NightSteak9 will buy your glitched or rare blocks/items, cultural pieces, as well as any written books or rare heads. If you are looking to donate, we accept nearly every type of collectible (excluding tp trails & teleported bread). Your contribution is greatly appreciated, and your name will be put on our donor wall up front!

A complete list of items we're missing can be found here: