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User Xyginator

Gender Male
Nationality England
DOB -09-
In Freedonia
First joined 14 December 2012
Staff member Moderator
Kit level ***** Aether
Legacy donor level ***** Obsidian
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"It's a monument to my dick" - Xyginator


Shitty start
I joined Mco in December 2012. Bare in mind I'd never even played minecraft before, and was learning on the server. I wandered around using /me to talk and was given two official warnings in rapid succession (the first for breaking a sandstone block at spawn because it said "There's something suspicious about this missing shrub...") I was scared off and didn't return for two years.
Returning to the server
Shortly after joining back in, xArches gave me an island on a swamp where I build a shocking first house. Somewhere, about six months later, I lived in TEllins' Base. Somewhere along the line I managed to get the cut of a maze event and earnt a healthy amount of beacons, which I sold for Diamond Blocks. I also started a project with ardoom1, but it lies unfinished like to rest of Doom's builds. At one point I worked for a very wealthy player, who donated me to iron.
Return #2
I returned to minecraft after forgetting the game. I picked a spot near a nexus pad. I started with a couple of arches, somehow began developing an incredible build style. This house was then expanded, and huge tower added. I slowly began adding separate buildings, until this began growing into a beautiful little town, now known as Tenrou
That megaproject
While working on my town, I asked Ted1246 to come and fell some trees for me. At some point later on in the day, Ted asked if I'd like to see his town and rail project. Then something clicked in my head, and our supercity was born.
Day 1543 on MCO
Time for a wiki edit. After a few months of inactivity, I'm back in existence. I fucking hate fractals.

Being promoted to moderator status along with Ted1246

 < SlowRiot> hello
 < PotatoheadNick> imma searching for a bunch of different servers
 < PotatoheadNick> ill continue
 < Xyginator> excellent
 < BokiHD_> hey riot
 < Ted1246> hey riot!
 < Xyginator> so just try and help players a bit, and you could be picked
 < SlowRiot> speaking of being picked
 < theschlozmeister> some of you may want to relog?
 < Ted1246> schloz why do you want us to relog??
 < theschlozmeister> that's why
 < Xyginator> holy hell
 < Ted1246> whoa!
 < theschlozmeister> alright you two listen
 < theschlozmeister> imma show you how this shit works

Banned MrFun10 MrFun10

Retirement from Moderator position

I decided in early 2020, that after nearly five years as a moderator, I need a bit of a break and need to enjoy the server more. I intend to come back to my post in the future, however need the break.