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”he's cute” CrunchyBit

User NoobyTunes
Known as Nooby, ITunes, FuckTunes, BoobyTunes
Gender Male
Location ???
Nationality English
Occupation Video Editor
In Freedonia
First joined January 22nd 2019
Donor level * Donor
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”Nooby is a cool party animal who isn't afraid to teleport to Drag's house to party." - Draglide12

Things That NoobyTunes Likes

no one cares, get to the good stuff

Current and Past Usernames NoobyTunes Current frlv Previous Nivoid Past Previous DiePye Temporary OLD past name

Things NoobyTunes Dislikes

Grief (Ironic)


Thats it, pretty much.. ¯\_(ヅ)_/¯

History Of NoobyTunes

NoobyTunes (Previously Nivoid/ DiePye) Joined MCO on January 22nd 2019. He was a friendly Fella With a decent reputation.

NoobyTunes found MCO By looking for a new server to play that didn't include grief or ruins of any sort. NoobyTunes wanted a break from 2b2t. So Nooby Hopped into MCO For the first time ever. He thought it was really welcoming and nice! He loved it.

Nooby walked around spawn, went and gathered resources then went to the nether. He needed something to be crafted so made one of the most stupid mistakes, Placed a crafting table in someones tunnel. He got warned and thats about it. A few minutes later I got invited by Lozxx To Shoretown! Nooby was excited! His first community town!

He got to building straight away, once he finished he had built his first build on MCO. 1 Week Later Nooby decided, "I should build a pyramid!" So he did. He built it on a beach next to Shoretown behind his house.

Nothing really happened for a few weeks other then Nooby became a Head Hunter and possibly started the trend of head hunting! Nooby met RPS_DA_BEAR. Nooby asked if he could get RPS' head. He said "I'll make you a deal, If you find my head inside my town I will give it to you." Nooby accepted the challenge as there wasn't that much happening on MCO at this time. So RPS led him to BearTown.

He fell in love with the build style and town in general so after finding the head after a hour and a half of looking he asked RPS "Hey, If I were to move in here could I?" RPS said "Sure! You're welcome any time! We always love new residents."

Nooby talked with Lozxx And asked "Could I move into BearTown but also stay here?" Lozxx Said "Yup! You are always able to come back!"

So Nooby moved into BearTown And stayed there for a while.

During Head Hunting Nooby came across CrunchyBit (Now kwxn) They became really good friends! So Crunchy gave his head to Nooby then he showed Crunchy his head collection. He was a little impressed. Now I'm not sure of Crunchy's history on the server before he moves into BearTown.

Crunchy moves into BearTown with Nooby and there's not much that happens throughout the rest of January other then Nooby building a large house at BearTown.

In early February Nooby wanted to start his own town called Winterseed. It didn't get very big other then a few new players joining which no one has seen sense they joined his town. So Nooby, being townless meets AggrievedCanine They become good friends! Canine shows Nooby some -Special- Stuff, By the end of the night AggrievedCanine And Nooby are really good friends!

Once again for the 4th time moving into a town, Nooby asks AggrievedCanine "Could I move into your town?" As it turned out, he didn't have any town so AggrievedCanine Allowed Nooby to move into New Louisville. Nooby builds his "Famous" Mystery Shack! This is around Nooby's birthday so he quickly builds a basement to his shack because the shack was 6x6 and not big enough for a birthday party.

This is about the time when Nooby started a journal series on the server which is currently owned by Scrooges7. Nooby also met Boxzy and around this time Boxzy And Nooby became good pals. The birthday party didn't go to plan as Nooby wanted. Thats about it on what happened in February. Other then Nooby got into a fight with a few players. Nooby Started to get Depressed at this time as well.

In early march, Nooby is still living in New Louisville And Nothing is really different. Then CrunchyBit got banned and Crunchy told Nooby about ToastCraft. Something clicked inside of Nooby. He became Less Helpful, More Moody, And Destructive like he used to be on 2b2t. (This was not Nooby's depression)

So Nooby checked out ToastCraft. And met some old players from MCO who got banned. SnapJaw, and CrunchyBit As you know already. Hypermoron/Pentaract Nooby's other good friend.

Nooby, still having the 2b2t side of him back became pretty upset with MCO, not wanting to grief or anything, just wanting to play less.

Around Midnight March 17th 2019 The grief was done. Everything had been finished.

Around 1:37 AM Nooby confessed, Nooby: " I'm sorry for what I did. I don't know what came over me" "Ban me if you want, Just tell my friends I said bye." Staff talked about it and Anna banned him. That was it, Nooby was no more on MCO. Gone like a *snap*.

After the Ban

Haha, Here we go again, one last time. NoobyTunes was later unbanned on September 11th 2019, Unfortunate date, I know. And has learned his lesson from March 2019.

NoobyTunes now has to start working finding a base. He may ask his old base mates or friends to base with them.

During October and November 2019 NoobyTunes really didn't play on MCO much even though being unbanned.

January of 2020 NoobyTunes celebrates his 1 year of being on MCO for a year, but still doesn't play mco.

February 2020: NoobyTunes changes his username to frlv and starts playing MCO again from a long break after getting unbanned, I know I didn't play since I got banned, haha.

NoobyTunes Starts gathering resources and just getting his life back on MCO after, well you know, getting banned and quitting and starts making a little unnamed town that in hopes will be a big city.

To Be Continued...


If you want to stay in contact with NoobyTunes find me on MCO! thats where I usually hangs around.

Or if you prefer, contact me on Discord: -Not Available Anymore-

Friends on MCO

Friends: AggrievedCanine Boxzy TheGolum SleeplessTheCat Unkle_Genny Draglide12

(Always looking for new friends!)

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