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User Unkle_Genny

Unkle himself, in his glorious mortal form, wearing his preferred attire

Known as Unkle Genny, Unkle, Genny
Gender Cock & Balls
Location Winter Wasteland of O-H-I-O
Nationality Gun-toting, lettuce-smoking, red-blooded American
DOB 2001-10-01
Occupation Almighty Host God(and occasionally server, when feeling greedy and/or masochistic)
In Freedonia
First joined 30 January 2019
First building The Spelunking Unkle Night Klub
Staff member Moderator
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< Unkle_Genny> mortals have patience, deities have whims

< Unkle_Genny> for, during the month of October, I am relegated the temporary title of "Deity of Skeletal Affairs and All Things Spooky"

About Him

Unkle_Genny is an avid explorer and builder, whose primary residence is The Spelunking Unkle Night Klub, located near the southeastern Spawn wall. He was promoted to moderators on June 4th, 2019.

He usually spends his time exploring or building, and is usually pretty social, depending on his mood. He's also one of the more consistently-available moderators when it comes to taxiing players.

Most importantly, Unkle is the Supreme Deity of Chaotic Violence(NOT Violent Chaos! There's a difference!!!) and Hypersexual Implication. He was brought into existence well before, and found existence to be quite boring up until, the Big Bang. For the duration of the month of October, he graciously inherits the deific title "Deity of Skeletal Affairs and All Things Spooky", as the deity who normally holds that title temporarily relinquishes it during their month-long break in October.

< Unkle_Genny> ...I would be the badminton deity if they would have let me take that title, unfortunately the guy who currently has it is not only a huge ***,
< Unkle_Genny> But also has a habit of not doing stupid enough shit with his power to lose the title

What He Likes

  • Building
  • Exploring
  • Making deals with other players for resources and tools
  • Finding unprotected chests full of useful building materials
  • Alpha & Beta Terrain and Caves
  • All of the neat commands and plugins the server has
  • Redstone projects
  • CraftBook
  • Occasionally head collecting
  • Goofing on unsuspecting new players in the form of filling their inventories with stacks of anything from cacti, to eggs, to buckets, to spider eyes
  • Being a pillar of neutrality in any argument, or playing the Devil's advocate
  • Giving players, old and new, tours of his Klub
  • Asserting his righteous, divine dominance over players that break the rules
  • Reading(and occasionally adding to) the MCO wiki
  • The color gold orange, specifically the variety known in the LEGO community as "Keet orange"(example)

What He Dislikes

  • Heretics(of his divinity)
  • Blasphemers(of his teachings)
  • Sacrilege(if it's towards him)
  • Players who don't at least attempt to construct their builds around/within the confines of natural terrain, especially old terrain in the Alpha or Beta-generated parts of the map
  • Not anything, really, he's more of a lover than a hater, doesn't really have the time or commitment to put towards actually hating anything
    • Except for rule-breakers; those guys can run, but they certainly can't hide >;P


  • Rumor has it, a secret mountain base somewhere far southeast of Spawn, invisible even on the server's live map
  • A pair of thermal hydro plants, one coastal and one off-shore, off the northeast coast of the Phoenix Isles
  • Helped place glowstone at Limewire's Witch Grinder
  • The Church of Aetherial Bondage, located at Holy Site 69, 69, 69(page coming soon!......maybe..... er, whenever the build is finished)

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