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User _goolum

your run of the mill pumpkin neighbor!

Known as Golum, Golumet, Diamond, golm, glum, Zuoj
Gender Male
Location United States
Nationality American
DOB 1567 BCE-11-24th
Occupation master procrastinator and introvert
In Freedonia
First joined Dec 12th 2018 as diamond_golum
First building Logdon Boat
Donor level * Donor
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"Golum... why do you have a death chair? - Limewire"

"I just wanted your head... T.T - KingServal"

"com and fight meh bruh! - Slapsore"

"life, fix itself!- TheDemetri"

TheGolum hanging out with friends at Spawn in July 2020
oven 1posa1> wut have u done in ur 300 hours?

who dis scallywag?

Golum is an active player that has been around the server for well over a year or two, he’s a player that’s well known by some in the Freedonian community, he’s the guy who’s gonna appear at doorstep asking if you want to buy his vacuum cleaner. He always wears a pumpkin in public settings! He is also known as Zuoj and plays on another When walking around the server he will greet you with this very message! TheGolum> I've come to take your souls away!

read more at your own risk >:)

The Beginning (0 - 20 Hours)

Let The Story Begin

December 12th 2018 A player named diamond_golum had joined for the first time, quickly he looked around and the first thing he did was head into the visitor center, he read the signs and treaded off. he headed down a road that said "food!" Golum, hungry, headed down the path and got the food. even on just the first day on the server he was amazed and fell in love with Freedonia's History and Culture!

December 19th 2018 Golum slowly but surely realized that he was walking on a historic route, named Route 101, and it merged to a bridge called Hellstar, but Golum went somewhere else. It was called the Atortor fishing town. He camped there for a while and made something called highway 100,000 and it was made out of dirt and cobble, not much resources were possible at the time. he was asking whoever went on the highway, to put a sign on the plank bulletin.

December 20, 2018 Golum wanted to make the highway 3 blocks wide and it had to be out of cobble. And it was cobble up to the 100th block.

December 21 2018 Diamond took a break from the highway and started exploring. he went to caverns and then to HillValley in a zip.

December 22, 2018 Golum started on the Nexus, a very good transportation method, with which Golum was able to reach farther places in Freedonia, as well as upgrading to Iron tools, allowing him to get better resources, also his highway reached 500 blocks. He followed a path that leaded him to Winterthorn where nearby he made a small camp called camp called Distron which was Slowly destroyed due to people's grief.

December 23rd, 2018 He moved out of camp Distron and covered it in dirt and hidden someplace in the lands of Winterthorn to never be seen again. RIP Distron

December 24th 2018 Diamond logged on and there was a user named monsoonman who wanted to see if anyone wanted to join his town. Golum said yes as he needed a home because his camp was lost, the user, named monsoonman lend him to the town, and said to read the book, at the time it was a small town with almost no homes and with empty paths and pixel art throughout the town. monsoonman> Follow me to destiny!

December 25th- 27th There was some increase in people at the town and golum signed in to MinecraftOnline and got a white name, he then was the one who built the train station. highway 100,000 was made to 1,000 blocks and Logdon made a mine which was built by some of its fellow people.

December 28th Golum joined Thunderclan and due to this AlphaAlex115 killed everyone after a dispute with WindowsXPuser. Highway 100,000 got to 3,000 blocks. Thunderclan allowed him to enchant his tools for the first time, speeding up his building. Although Golum wanted to continue Highway 100,000, it was put on hold forever due concerns of possible addition grief on many cases. Afterwards he got the 20 Hour message in chat! Ending his first Journey. Starting a new one! monsoonman> who wants to build in my town?
sittin' chillin' tootin'

Timeplayed Rufas> 256 Hours, not bad TheGolum is often mistaken for how long he plays, in public settings he has no armor on, this tricks people in to thinking that he's only played a few, but in realty, he's played close to 800 hours online! this gets people off guard and confuses most!


  • 10 Hours 20th Dec 2018
  • 20 Hours 23rd Dec 2018
  • 30 Hours 29th Dec 2018
  • 40 Hours 31st Dec 2018
  • 50 Hours 3rd Jan 2019
  • 60 Hours 5th Jan 2019
  • 70 Hours 15th Jan 2019
  • 80 Hours 18th Jan 2019
  • 90 Hours 21st Jan 2019
  • 100 Hours 8th Feb (Can Build above 128 Blocks)
  • 150 Hours 31st Feb 2019
  • 200 Hours 29th March 2019
  • 300 Hours 12th June 2019
  • 400 Hours 13th August 2019
  • 500 Hours 19th October 2019
  • 600 Hours 24th November 2019
  • 700 Hours 20th January 2020
Freedonia seen from Void Town!

(Major inactivity)

  • 800 Hours 10th July 2020

(Banished to Void Town by Scampi_)

Current Hours: 903


  • Mysteries
  • Cake
  • Joining in conversations!
  • Getting involved in events!! (FOMO!)
  • Fishing
  • Adventure Leah_Starcraft> Golum, you okay?


  • Those diggity gosh darn gruffers!
  • Blaming things on others
  • Spammeat mmhmm
  • Headhunting

Great People

Admins Anna_28- Very nice Admin with lots of Helpful support! FlyingJellyfish- Nicely Talks with people and is a great person in general WaffleNomster- Once a great mod now a great admin and also is a very great Buddy TheDemetri- kind and exciting person, roams around spawn and does fun things with the admins Eclypto18- Supreme Ruler of New Eden!

Mods Unkle_Genny- Very funny guy, and the owner of The Spelunking Unkle Night Klub! Tyhdefu- Wizard Penguin! Void42_- when the cold brew hits! WHOO! 1Catnip- Catnip is one awesome one-eyed person!! watertriber- Amazing Person and ex-mod, Roams around Discord helping People! Scampi_- The man with a mask... SPOOK!

Normal Players (Like Me! >:P) Flamehaze97- "you get a Highway and YOU get a Highway!" verydairyman- Nice dude! mostly hangs around spawn chatting with everyone. talk about rewinding! Cafi95- who doesn't love Cafi? one great sensei! MrSlimeDiamond- give it up for Slime! one diamond of a person! ScarClaw72- Was in many of his videos! 2HNK- one of the coolest people I've met. Raflamar- hit this guy up if you want to be documented... ;) Kingserval- Crusaders! Snakyman- Back in bizznuzz, part 3, season 3, Newport! AriVB- Nicest dude! And is the first 2020 Mod SleeplessTheCat- over 1000 Hours, and a trustworthy person Le_Lorrain- who doesn't love parks?!?
And Maybe You? :) 1Catnip> Golum is a cool dood DarthSagit> Golum4Pope

Fun Times KingServal> Hey Golum Can I have your head TheGolum> Why? KingServal> cuz its so Badass XD TheGolum> No
KingServal started a fight with TheGolum!
(TheGolum Teleports away) KingServal> Whhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy??? TheGolum> Not So Fast King KingServal> I just wanted your Head... T.T
TheGolum Left The Game KingServal> Dawnit doublehelix457> LOL

golumisbad TheGolum> I haz make grave mistake 1Catnip oh no 1Catnip what have you done now Golum?
iffyspeak got the achievement Benchmarking TheGolum> just... don't mind the name
TheGolum left the game 
golumisbad joined the game 1Catnip> you had to make it in all lowercase... golumisbad> I was just testing out name changes, ok? xD

The Green Star TheGolum has a Green Star in front of his name by donating, but he didn't donate, he got it as a gift from doublehelix457 <3, he got the star the same day and hour as Slime

(Part 2) of the diving competition winners. < MrSlimeDiamond> *cheers* < TheGolum> *druum rols* MrSlimeDiamond donated £4.00 for donor status! < WaffleNomster> O: < MrSlimeDiamond> AYE! < MrSlimeDiamond> donor! :D < 1Catnip> Woo! < 2eZ4U> :P < TheGolum> o: < MrSlimeDiamond> I won! :D < doublehelix457> we dont say "aye" here < MrSlimeDiamond> xd < 1Catnip> wow < 2eZ4U> wait WHO WON? < 1Catnip> r you blind? < TheGolum> Slime did < 1Catnip> today was awesome < TheGolum> ye TheGolum donated £4.00 for donor status! < TheGolum> uhh < doublehelix457> :P


Golum loves to fish and wear pumpkins on the server... But sometimes it gets lonely, so he brings some friends along!


"The Small Fishing Group"
-People- Scampi_ Spaceblock7a TheGolum

This party started with Scampi_, Spaceblock7a, and TheGolum who were talking in chat, half-AFK, half-having fun with the rest of the server, untill... Scampi_> Collapses TheGolum> oh crap

"The 2 Mods"
-People- TheGolum Ickyacky Eilidh23

It started slow, not that much of anything tbh! But together they were talking with chat nonetheless, Ickyacky Started the fish as Waffle stared deep into our souls Eilidh23> HOLY SHIT I CAUGHT A FISH!!!! TheGolum is also part of The Gang


TheGolum is an awesome builder mainly going on with floating cities and small village outposts, some roads, ya know, the whole lot. These are some of the things he will build:

  • Project Fractinium
dang.. I need more projects now!?
< TheGolum> How do Projects even Work?

Name Change

  • January 1st 2019 Chat Log
diamond_golum Joined the Game Kxwn > Hey diamond
diamond_golum Left the Game
TheGolum Joined the Game Kxwn> uhhhhhh

Yep, for those unaware, TheGolum had an old name named diamond_golum this name was his first name. At the time of change, diamond or Golum had no project and had just reached 100 Hours online, and really joined in December 14th 2018.

Gallery TheGolum Hey this place is pretty cool, I think I’ll stay here for a while
December 12th, 2018