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User ryanpbny
Gender Male
In Freedonia
First joined 13 April 2011
Donor level ***** Diamond
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Minecraft has Multiplayer?

Ryan first joined the Freedonia community on April 13, 2011 he may or may not have been spoken to by a moderator within the first 10 minutes from accidental torch mutilation (likes to pound his fist on the ground as he walks). Freedonia was the only server Ryan had logged into that wasn't dismantled from hoodlums with keyboards.

With experience from single-player, Ryan made a small starting home and /sethome there after reading /help in chat by pressing t.

First Settlement Experience

Ryan quickly created a three story structure made of logs and planks. The house was very woody too woody in fact Ryan needed to find some wool for the floors.

The search for red flowers went on for hours, finally Ryan decided to interact in chat with a "WTT iron for red dye", Ryan ended up receiving around 80 red dye for some iron. Now Ryan had no idea that he could dye sheep then shear them so instead of having possibly ~200 red wool he ended up with 80 red wool but whatever who cares.

While making new floor patterns Ryan was visited by many blue and red named people who were just so happy to see him destroying things without putting a sign out front (always put a sign up).

After a couple of weeks Ryan was starting to feel uncomfortable with how less and less space he had to work with (try and find a rural spot) but he still wanted to build one last thing before moving on....

First Large Project

Ryan was going to write a story on how he came to the thought of an hourglass but he just can't seem to recall that day, so anyways Ryan started building an hourglass out of planks, glass, and lava. While building the hourglass there was a few glass slips that had to be removed and with a bolt of lightening that scared the piss out of him he first saw SlowRiot. This time there was a sign and he simply commented "cool hourglass" or something like that.

The Bridge

While looking at the map of Freedonia, on the website, Ryan saw a lot of clearing next to the warp "caverns".

Ryan typed out /warp caverns pressed enter and started walking in the wrong direction he had first planned while walking he was looking for two large hills or mountains in between a river to make a bridge as his project.

As he was searching for the perfect spot he stumbled upon many red flowers which made him somewhat angry because of all the iron he had just spent on dye, anyways Ryan took his time creating a bridge. The bridge is still the center of Ryan's experimental creations.

The name

In almost every videogame Ryan has played since he was thirteen years of age he went by the name "crazybananas" however when created a minecraft account some asshat took it so he went by his email(ryanpbny [at]

Sense of humor & RL

I have what is known as a sarcastic sense of humor sometimes it seems very stale and will appear I am being very rude and people will take offense to what I'm saying so for the most part I like to stay quiet but some days I do type and talk a lot and there I do get a lot of negative reactions at times, if you are a person who was offended know that I have never disliked penguins for an extended period of time.

I currently work as an overnight stocker and usually online at very odd times. Education-wise I have an associates degree in computer networking and still haven't decided on going for bachelors.

Hiring Workers

I do often build large projects and usually wanting to hire people for flattening areas if your interested in a few diamond blocks and provided tools contact me

I am also looking for someone to proofread and edit this page I am very tired right now and just terrible at typing about myself in the third person.

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