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Chat screenshot showing /sethome command in use.
What is displayed to a player when they use the /home where command.

Homes are custom teleport locations that can be set by players, enabling them to return to the specified location instantly.

A user may only have one home set at a time - this maintains the challenge of survival, as well as limiting the possibility of abuse for bullying.

They differ from /spawn in that players still return to Spawn upon death.

/sethome and /home

To set your present location as your home, type the command /sethome into the chat.

Following a successful home set, the message "Your home has been set" is displayed.

To return to your home location at any time, type the command /home into the chat.

/home where

To see where your home is, type the command /home where into the chat.

Following this command being used, the message "Your home is at X Y Z" and a map link to your home is displayed.

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