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User theschlozmeister

Custom Blue Samurai, by thesprazzzler

Known as schloz
Gender Male
Location London
Nationality English, American
DOB 1998-04-28
Occupation University
In Freedonia
First joined 20 June 2012 (on GREATFLEMNM)
First building A newb hut in Skyline
Staff member Moderator
Kit level ***** Aether
Legacy donor level ***** Nether
View profile and statistics Liastrae:"Schloz is a mod?" Liastrae:"Fuck this place has gone downhill"

Who is this Guy?

The new account of GREATFLEMNM. Frequently half-builds shit with thesprazzzler, Smudja and ardoom1. Regularly running about Spawn, Skyline, and New Venice whilst looking for n00bs to mess with. Lives in Skyline, the warp that he manages. Nowadays funds most of ardoom1's projects, becoming business/killing partners in the process. Occasionally supports his destitute twin tayo_bag with wood and cobble. Business partner with thesprazzzler in Royal Blue.

Schloz with TEllins at spawn.

A wild Schlor, courtesy of Master Pokemon Trainer, SnappyMuppetman.


Recently, many of theschlozmeister's builds have been in partnership with thesprazzzler, since they corresponded every day at school on what they would like to build. Many days, when orchestra had been cancelled, theschlozmeister would totter over to thesprazzzler's and crystalriver's house, since, understandably, there is not much else to do whilst waiting for a bus. Back on to the point, he has built a thing or two in his career on MCO, some builds being more noticeable than others:

Sagi no Shiro thesprazzzler originally built the design in creative, with him directing the build from the start. TEllins was then paid to finish off the wall, because the other two were lazy. Recently, Sagi no Shiro featured in the daily map find on the MCO Facebook page, in which it got 270+ likes and many comments. A success, to say the least.

Three Biomes Divide

A medieval town in the cold wilderness with a story behind it. Built with Smudja and thesprazzzler

Suge Gaztelua

Arabic/Mexican compound design. Translates to Snake Castle. Built with thesprazzzler.

Other Things theschlozmeister has built other stuff too, not just this measly list you see here, although he probably can't remember what or wants it to be kept less well known. See if you can find anything built by him on your way round Freedonia.

Becoming Mod theschlozmeister became a moderator on the 22/02/14 at 13:00 GMT. Immediately, he accidentally released the coords of the then Mod Vault YouDontSay.png much to the amusement of Ellen124.