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green_cities.png Skyline

A map view of Skyline

Founder jayceetee
Contributors theschlozmeister, thesprazzzler, TomWithAGun, TEllins, ardoom1, and louissmith06
Category Cities
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes
Road link? No
Nexus link? Yes (Yellow, Hub 2)
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? No
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=3271
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Skyline is a town situated on the edge of the largest snow biome of the original disc of Freedonia, founded by jayceetee and currently managed by theschlozmeister and thesprazzzler.

Ingame map of Skyline


Skyline was first created as a settlement for jayceetee and all his IRL friends. It expanded rapidly, with over ten players residing in the town eventually. In August 2012, jayceetee, along with theschlozmeister and TomWithAGun, started to push for a warp for Skyline, but when SlowRiot visited, he commented on his lack of town infrastructure. jayceetee was annoyed, so he asked Machines_Are_Us to dig a hole to create a custom train link for Skyline to Newlands. When jay and schloz dug up to see where they were, they realized that they now had a 2000m tunnel that lead in the opposite direction to Newlands! Eventually though, a link with the Freedonia Railway System from spawn was finished, along with the self dug line direct to Newlands, owned by TomWithAGun. Sadly, after this series of events, Skyline lay as ghost town for 5 months, with theschlozmeister occupying its grounds, holding the title of Protectorate of Skyline, while jayceetee was absent. Oh, and TomWithAGun was banned.

The Big Build

After the first big surge in building and the push towards a warp (which it did not achieve), Skyline lay fallow for 5 months with only theschlozmeister occupying its grounds, as players such as jayceetee had recently given up or had been banned, like TomWithAGun. Then theschlozmeister showed TEllins around the town, with the intention of setting up a new Room 101 for her or a new house. Rather Suddenly, she decided to pledge her time in the now ghost-town in the hope that a warp might be obtained. The outcome remains to be seen. thesprazzzler has also promised his building services and support of the project. Also, TEllins and theschlozmeister have been building a Mall to bring new customers and players into the town, adding essential town infrastructure that SlowRiot said was lacking the last time he visited. Also, some guy called ardoom1 has jumped on the bandwagon and has helped around the place.


Please ask for building permission from jayceetee, theschlozmeister, thesprazzzler or ardoom1. They will grant you a space of land and some free stuff. Good quality and creative building is always appreciated so that we could soon attain a warp. If you build without permissions and your building is not judged by the management to be of a quality we encourage in Skyline, then you will have a month to improve the quality of the build. There is a train line from Newlands to Skyline, and a station on the Occidental Line from spawn, please ask for more details.







  • Public furnace, Crafting space, Potion stands
  • Free food - Chicken, Steak, including the really shitty sprazzomatic Chicken Grinder.
  • jonathanpanda's Mob Grinder
  • Portal
  • Shops
  • Train Link to the centre of Newlands
  • Train connection to Three Biomes Divide
  • Connection to Freedonia Railway System: just take the Occidental Route to Forestberg, using a seed ticket, and type /st Skyline !
  • Access to the Wither Skull Grinder in the Nether, for only one Diamond Block!
  • Nexus Pad
  • Democratic Beacons

Nexus Route

To reach Skyline via the Nexus connection, follow these directions:

  • Central Nexus--> South-East Nexus--> Skyline Hub--> Skyline Pad