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User crystalriver


Known as cry
Gender Female
Location London
Nationality English
In Freedonia
First joined 6 October 2011
First building Kurai Cho house
Kit level ***** Diamond
Legacy donor level ***** Diamond
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Hi. I'm crystalriver. I'm like a river, but made of crystal. Get it?

Early Days crystalriver started off her life on MinecraftOnline by building a cute little japanese house on an island in her brother's ( thesprazzzler) town Kurai Cho. You can visit it by going to the warp (/warp kuraicho) and going straight forward until you see a little sandy island with a house on it. She enjoys hanging out with zarewarex, abacfood, Aeginus, Ted1246, theschlozmeister and TEllins


Then she realised that she was pretty poor and constantly asked people if they wanted work! Then she realised this wasn't the best way, and so she started mining. She was reasonably successful and built her wealth up to about 5 diamond blocks. Then her wealth dropped suddenly with the start of a new project, New Venice ( dethshok didn't help either!).

She then tried the work tactic again and failed for a second time so she went back to mining. She was very lucky as she found a massive cavern in her mine with a bit of diamond, and loads of iron and gold! Also, Rayzion wanted alot of people to take down a hill, and, as crystalriver knew that he was rich, she helped out, and earned 30 diamonds!

The Kurai Cho Warp

One day, thesprazzler randomly said to crystalriver that he thought Kurai Cho was big enough to have a warp so they started to make a warp place. crystalriver was very enthusiastic with this idea as she had been wanting to make her own town for a long time but wanted to be able to have all her chests in her house easily accessible and didn't want to have to walk from Emucraft every time she wanted some wood! They decided to make it between the lake district and the central district. zarewarex helped with this. Then when they decided it was round about ready, thesprazzler asked SlowRiot if Kurai Cho could have warp. He said yes, and he made it a warp but in a different place to where we asked, "just for the moment" he said. Soon, thesprazzler will hopefully finish off the future warp point with crystalriver and mabye zarewarex and then SlowRiot can change it.


crystalriver realised that if she wanted to build New Venice reasonably quickly, it would help for getting materials and paying people if she was a bit richer. So she discovered a third mine and set about mining for diamonds (and of course other stuff). She found about 50 diamonds in one trip and realised that this was a great mine! She is also making a lot of money now out of her shares in her and thesprazzler's shop - Royal Blue.

The Royal Blue

crystalriver and her brother thesprazzler decided to set up a shop. Purple was already taken (sadly) by Enjoku's PurpleEmporium so they decided to go with blue and named it The Royal Blue stores. They sell materials which are often in need of like glass, logs, smoothstone, glowstone, white wool (hopefully colours too soon!) and food. They currently have shops at MountJackal, NewAtlanta and Novum Culta. GeekyCreeper and MattyQ have some shares in it and there are still some shares available so contact thesprazzler or crystalriver if you want one :D

NewVenice warp SlowRiot gave NewVenice a warp in September 2012. This helped NewVenice to grow even quicker as it meant it was much easier for people to get there. Currently in NewVenice, there is a spleef arena (built by theschlozmeister, place for free food built by mastervoid, a NewVenice Mall, sheep farm built by crystalriver, and a railway station built by 14mRh4X0r.


On SlowRiot and thesprazzler's Birthday (13th April), crystalriver, TEllins, thesprazzzler, TheDarkrai85, and Excalibur_NUMNUM were modded!