Treasure Hunt

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Games Treasure Hunt
Treasure X.png

X marks the spot

Inventor Shintyx
# of Players Multiple
Public? Yes
Location Specific? Yes
Availability Ongoing

The Treasure Hunt was created by Shintyx as a random fun game that players can engage in. It is a permanent event: Discovered treasures are replaced by new ones.

Following Shintyx's banning, no new treasure will be placed, and many Xs will lie abandoned. Since no-one actually knows except Shinty where they were (and even he couldn't always remember) you may still find some treasure in the wilderness


Throughout the world, treasure chests are placed in entirely random locations. Some of those locations are easy to reach, some are difficult to get to or well hidden. All treasures are marked by a big, red X, with the treasure chest placed right below the centre of this X. Treasure chests contain diamonds, varying amounts of obsidian and other assorted valuables. Players who come across and notice a treasure mark are free to claim the treasure and loot the chests. 15-20 chests are placed in the world at a time and discovered treasures will be replaced in random locations.

Discovering treasure

If a player finds a treasure they should remove the red X in its entirety. This way no other player will come across an empty chest.

  • Note: Destroying the red wool in these cases is explicitly allowed and does not constitute griefing.

Players can also place a sign with their name and discovery date on the spot. A merit board with the names of all finders will be established eventually, as will rewards for particularly successful players.

Discovered treasure locations

Please contribute discovered treasure locations, dates and names of those who found it here!

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