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User TEllins

Currently building an epic new base

Known as Telly, Tellies, Tellybear, Tellz
Gender Female
Location UK
Nationality British
DOB -07-18th
In Freedonia
First joined 10 January 2013
Kit level ***** Obsidian
Legacy donor level ***** Obsidian
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I'm a squid - TEllins

This wiki account has been banned on the 13th of October, for "Inserting nonsense/gibberish into pages", due to it being compromised.

The TEllins Creature TEllins Joined on the 10th of January 2013 and then became a Moderator on 13 April 2013. TEllins adores her Moderator position and enjoys chatting to players. You can normally find her lurking in the shadows on IRC. In real life, TEllins is a girl who is really into Longboarding and lives off games (especially Minecraft <3). She loves reading anything fantasy related and doodles a lot. She occasionally unicycles and is a lover of all things purple and blue. Feel free to ask her for a hug! TEllins is a generally epic person ;), she also happens to be unbelievably modest.


Early Days TEllins Came across MCO on the 10th of January 2013, crystalriver welcomed TEllins and helped her build a home. TEllins settled down in a nice house just on the outskirts of a new warp called New Venice. She spent her days building various things in New Venice and ventured through the lands of Freedonia. crystalriver gave TEllins the honour of becoming a New Venice official after helping extend the warp and making a public XP grinder. During her early days of MCO, TEllins met a number of players who she is still very good friends with to this day.


Early morning TEllins woke up and, in her boredom, decided to log onto MCO. It so happened to be the birthday of SlowRiot. So, there she was, walking around Glenfiddich wondering what to do, when Riot suddenly announced a dance off at spawn! TEllins eagerly went to spawn and danced around the collection of cakes with TheDarkrai85. After a couple of minutes of crazzzyy prancing, Riot said that both TEllins and Darkrai had won! In his drunk state, modded both. crystalriver, thesprazzzler, Excalibur_NUMNUM also became staff members that very same day.

Nowadays TEllins really enjoys chatting to players and is currently working on a new project! ^.^ TEllins thinks that supertec is the best person ever ;) TEllins Owns CakeDick Island with supertec