Hellview Castle

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green_castles.png Hellview Castle
2011-10-05 08.36.12.png
Owner getplayerhead.sh?nosefish&16.png nosefish
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?bubba_basti&16.png bubba_basti
Category Castles
Underground? No
Started 21 June 2011
Coordinates X=175
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Spawn
Map Link

Hellview is a small cobble castle in the north-eastern corner of Spawn Wall. Originally, it overlooked Hell, which has since been removed.

getplayerhead.sh?nosefish&16.png nosefish's home in Freedonia started out as a hole in the ground on the day he arrived. Having no resources but cobble and some wood, he did what many newbies do and built a cobble castle – but instead of making huge garish cobble walls, he decided to keep it small and simple and alter the existing landscape as little as possible.

Later, he connected it to his more recent project, the Temple Of Supreme Fishiness, with an underground minecart track. Hellview Station was then constructed as the endpoint by getplayerhead.sh?bubba_basti&16.png bubba_basti. The track was later extended to Lumen, where it connects with getplayerhead.sh?stromhurst&16.png stromhurst's rails to StromIsle. Stations include:

When the Spawn Wall was constructed, Hellview Castle was moved several metres to the south by divine forces. Shortly after, getplayerhead.sh?nosefish&16.png nosefish gave it an overhaul and replaced the cobble walls with stone brick and nether brick to match the style of the spawn wall. Hellview Station originally remained outside the walls, but has been moved to its original location in relation to the castle.


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