Chala Kii

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green_cities.png Chala Kii

The nexus awakened.

Founder ScarClaw72
Contributors None
Category Cities
Underground? Yes
Fortified? Yes
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Size north to south 3,500m
Size west to east 1,000m
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=16138
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Discovered in 2021, the nation of Chala Kii is a collection of native villages that cover land East of the Great Freedonian Ocean. Although some Freedonians have settled nearby, the villages and connecting highways are under a protection measure by ScarClaw72 in an attempt to preserve the native culture.

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Chala Kii History

Early Civilization

An unknown length of time in the past, some settlers moved west from another civilization and formed the roots of Chala. It is believed that the expedition would have gone considerable further were it not for the Border they ran into. This strong magic, as historians describe it, kept pushing the migrants back and they were forced to settle slightly east in more hospitable land. These settlers established Chala in a plains biome. Generations passed and the village grew deep roots.

Birth of Brightwall

As time passed the number of native villagers increased to a straining point, so a new settlement was founded to the northeast in a birch forest. The new settlement known as Brightwall outgrew the original and became an integral sister village. The two established the early Chakan highway that also linked up with another discovery- a defunct ruin. This ruin was studied by local scientists and alchemists but the true purpose of it eluded them. Relations strengthened over time and scouts began looking for possible expansion points.

Unification of Chakas

Far south of the northern settlers, two rival settlements known as North and South Chakas were discovered by scouting teams. What they discovered was two more native settlements, here before the migrants formed Chala up north. Originally these settlements sat at war for a long time dwindling their numbers. After the scout teams made first contact though, a peace treaty was signed at last ending the feud between the two cities. The Unification of North Chakas and South Chakas was a defining moment and helped pave the way to becoming a proper nation.

Founding of Chala Kii

Shortly after the war ended, the allied villages united under the banner of Chala Kii. This new nation helped strengthen trade and living conditions for the war-struck settlements. Scientists worked together to decipher the origin of the ruins up north. An investigation led to a structure buried deep under the ocean southeast of the Chakas. Miners were brought it to locate the facility, later dubbed the Cascadian Gateway. The march for technology forever changed Chala Kii, and opened the door for magic and more exotic systems.

First Contact

In 2021, the world border was expanded a considerable distance and opened the nation of Chala Kii to Freedonia. Although opening up lands further west to the migrant descendants, it has also permanently cut off the civilization further east for the foreseeable future. Given the often conflicting nature of many Freedonians, when the first, ScarClaw72, made first contact and signed a peace treaty. A preservation measure was enacted to protect the settlements. The Caretakers of MOON now monitor the land and make efforts to maintain healthy development from other Freedonians who settle the area.

Journey To Cascadia

Once ScarClaw72 became involved in Chakan affairs, he was shown to the Stronghold kept offshore. With his aid, the secrets were unlocked and the portal was activated. The new Cascadian Gateway was fortified off from the rest of the ruins and offered both Freedonians and Chakans an easy way to access the forgotten realm. In exchange for the aid, Chala Kii has promised to help efforts when Purgatory and Project DUSK finally begin construction.

Nexus Activation

Other ruins similar to those in Northern Chala Kii were found across Freedonia after the border expansion. In an event dubbed the Petrifaction, many of these began activating across Freedonia after players killed Terrain Dragons summoned by MasterFlippeh. With the impending activation of the East 2 Borderlands Hub with the Nexus, a larger influx of players was deemed inevitable. Once activated, it signifies a new age for Chala Kii. The natives only hope can stay in peace.