Freedonia Road Co. Northern HQ

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green_complexes.png Freedonia Road Co. HQ
Owner snakyman
Contributors KingServal
Category Complexes
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Started 17 March 2019
Coordinates X=-7347
Dimension Overworld
Settlement New Snak City
Map Link

The Freedonia Road Co. HQ is a complex of buildings located in New Snak City next to Snak Lake Park. The location was chosen due to the amount of new open land in the area, and a link to bloo_noodle's highway and the Great Northwestern Highway. All high ranking officials have an office.


Main Plaza

The plaza in the center connecting most of the buildings, with fountains and trees in the middle.

Secondary Plaza

A plaza behind the Scarlet Lounge and the meeting building where the roads to the HQ come in.

statues built by Flamehaze97

Bloo Hall

Two blue buildings that house storage for Freedonia Road Co. and offices. Named after bloo_noodle.

Scarlet Lounge

Two small red buildings with lounges inside of them. Kind of named after ScarClaw72.

Freedonia Road Co. Meeting Center

A meeting building, with 4 meeting rooms and a break room.

Freedonia Road Co. HQ Skyscraper

The main office building of the site. It has a roof-deck.