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green_towns.png Jimmyville
2011-08-16 04.12.04.png

Statue of getplayerhead.sh?jimmyd93&16.png jimmyd93

Founder getplayerhead.sh?jimmyd93&16.png jimmyd93 and getplayerhead.sh?fmxstick&16.png fmxstick
Category Towns
Underground? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? No
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=5237
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Jimmyville was founded after getplayerhead.sh?fmxstick&16.png fmxstick and getplayerhead.sh?jimmyd93&16.png jimmyd93 set off to find a new place for settlement. After a few days, the valley area now known as Jimmyville was determined. Shortly after, fmxstick pulled out due to his other projects. After a week of building his hotel and town hall, jimmy decided that Jimmyville shall become a town where anyone could build. After jimmy left the server for another server, getplayerhead.sh?fmxstick&16.png fmxstick was finished on his other projects, so jimmy gave fmxstick the rights to run the town.

Jimmyville received its warp on 25th August, 2011, cementing it as a landmark town.

2012-02-03 08.44.23.png

The Jimmyville Hotel

The first major building to go up in Jimmyville, the Jimmyville Hotel is a skyscraper building with 10 standard rooms, 7 luxury rooms and a planned 12 ultra luxury, on the ground floor, the reception can be found with the pool as well. The hotel was planned to cost diamonds, but was scrapped due to no one risking bringing diamonds when visiting the town.

Town Hall

A building built for a community counsel, as Mayor Jimmy felt that he could not run the town on his own. The counsel has a code of conduct to keep the town running in a friendly way.




As Jimmyville is a public build, many people have built here. The few rules about buildings are:

  1. You must seek a counselor before starting to build, they will seek the best area for you.
  2. All buildings must stay a good 2 blocks away from any other building.
  3. Entrance must face road unless you expand a good reason to jimmy why you don't want the entrance there.
  4. Cobblestone is to be limited, to no more than 50% of the exterior of the building.
  5. Buildings should be inviting to visitors, and allow people to enter safely.
  6. To dig under a house, a counselor must check before you dig.

These rules are now in affect as of the time of writing, 25/8/11, and a fail to adhere to the rules shall result in your house being removed.

Timmy the Slime

After the ban of getplayerhead.sh?twinbros&16.png twinbros, in the removal of his house, Jimmy found a cave under the house. It was found that this cave led to a cave where Slimes spawned. So Jimmy decided to allow anyone to see the slimes, so he made a giant slime near the hotel for all to teleport down to a bunch of slime spawners. It has yet to spawn a huge slime...


Public services in town:

  • Cobble generator
  • Sheep farm
  • Wood harvester (Now all types except normal)
  • Slime Spawners
  • Post Office
  • Shops
  • The Jimmyville Hotel
  • Reed farm
  • Cactus farms
  • Railway connection (Lavatown line)
  • Portal (now reactive)
  • Skeleton grinder
  • The Dzugamall

Notable builds

Jimmyville contains a pigchinko, which happens to be one of the controversial "icechinkos", and has been subjected to having giant genitals built near it due to another icechinko being built at the same time by getplayerhead.sh?Shintyx&16.png Shintyx.

It also contains a few of getplayerhead.sh?jimmyd93&16.png jimmyd93's pokestadiums, which have since been moved to Jimmyville.


These miners have lived in Jimmyville: