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User SnappyMuppetman

Snappy's New Skin

Known as Snappy, Or Schnappi
Gender Male
Location United Kingdom, Kent
Nationality British
DOB -04-13th
Occupation University Student
In Freedonia
First joined 3rd May 2011
Staff member Admin
Kit level ***** Aether
Legacy donor level ***** Aether
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SnappyMuppetman joined McO on May 2011. McO was, To his extremely poor memory, the very first server he ever played...and to this day, the only server he plays on in Minecraft. On his first day, He found a nice little spot and built a little wood shack and stayed in the little shack to gather enough Noobstone (Cobblestone) and built a Noobstatue (Crappy cobblestone statue of himselft). He then shortly realised his Noobishness and moved this day, the Noobstatue stands tall as a warning to himself, others, that Cobblestone sucks as a decorative block for building.

Noobstatue! Noobstatue!

The Wither Challenge!

Wish to fight a Wither Boss? Lack the material to create it? Don't have a safe location for it? Why not Challenge the Wither!. Myself, SnappyMuppetman, hosts events every now and then, or by request, where you can fight a Wither Boss AND get the star, if you meet set requires (yet to be decided). Other prizes will be included along with armour, swords, bows and beds for re-spawn



On the 16th of March, 2013, Myself, SnappyMuppetman, was promoted by The_Jackal_249 to the position of Grand Umpire of Pigchinko (GUP) for reasons of keeping the game alive. The announcement came after myself, Snappy, planned Pigchinko game in honour of Saint Patricks Day (Though the game is hosted the night before do to family issues).

 [15:05] <GMSAP-Jackal> And as you may also have noticed our very own snappymuppetman took it upon himself to try and keep the great sport alive and well!
 [15:06] <GMSAP-Jackal> So, it is with great pride that I promote him to the esteemed position of Grand Umpire Of Pigchinko!
 [15:06] <GMSAP-Jackal> Say a few word! GUP-Snappy!
 [15:07] <GUP-Snappy> a few word! 
 [15:07] <GUP-Snappy> there I said it, now what? xD
 [15:08] <GUP-Snappy> hehe Now that I am in such position in the name of the game, I vow to run as many pigchinkos as I can before we run out of bacon!

Games played

  • First game SnappyMuppetman has hosted, with the assistance of jonathanpanda, was on the 3rd of March 2013 (Footage to be uploaded)
  • Second game was held on the 16th of March 2013 for Saint Patricks day at Glenfiddich areana...Winner was Xanderstrike :)
  • Planned game to be held for celebrating the 1.5 Redstone update [date to be confirmed - please contact me if you have a preference]

Hide & Seek!

New game created for all to play :D 'Hide & Seek!' is a game which involves ONE written book that is placed somewhere in freedonia for players to search and find. The book can be found it Chests, Dispensers, furnaces and Droppers. Upon finding said book, contact SnappyMuppetman via "/mail send SnappyMuppetman I found the book at [co-ords]"...after doing so, keep the book safe! put it in an Enderchest and wait for your prize :D

Keep an eye out for the Hide & Seek advertisements in-game!

  • First round was won by crystalriver and thesprazzzler [Book was located on Banhammer island in a furnace]
  • Second round was won by Tcliff in Bastiansdorf [Placed chest on the outside of one of the caste walls]
  • Third round book yet to be place...keep an eye out :)

Current projects

  • what ever is still a work-in-progress for Glen Team
  • Layden city expansion/conversion to private town
  • Piganion cube! Oink!
  • New mansion home (Located in Layden city)
  • Mass potion shop in Diamondmall (Currently in process of stocking)
2012-09-29 16.40.56.png
Schnappi's Mansion

Player Quotes jakexawesome    - "Snappy one of the admins" SnappyMuppetman - "I'm not an Admin xD" jakexawesome    - "I know you're not an admin, but it makes you sound cooler"
  • Link to very humourous chat log between Dorn and thehunter789456:
  • From Palindrome7
    • <Palindrome7> Some might say his comebacks are
    • <Palindrome7> tumblr_mae0i0hsrF1qhrkxko1_r1_400.gif
    • <Palindrome7> Snappy