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green_infrastructure.png Mod Vault

The chest room.

Owner Admins
Contributors Moderators
Category Infrastructure
Underground? Yes
Public? No
Started 21 January 2011
Completed 22 January 2011
Coordinates X=0
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Modvault a special warp available to moderators and admins only. It is a special secure warehouse, stocked with everything a mod needs to help repair griefed buildings. This warp does not include tools or things of that nature - just the blocks that someone would need to fix the grief. (Strictly not a personal chest-room of supplies)


Modvault has a bit of a lounge area as well for the staff to chill out and unwind. Many moderators have their own cubbyholes there for secure storage, or public chests where they hand out griefer loot to other moderators. There is also a sandbox room where moderators can try out constructions and experiments, although currently it is occupied by a pink shrine to Causeless.


The exact geographical location of Modvault is a closely guarded secret, but rumors have it that its location is linked ironically to one of the first and most memorable grief events on the server.

Please note that the coordinates given are false, and it is nowhere near Spawn :-)


The modvault is designed with a variety of special features, involving double walls and layers of lava that are designed to prevent anyone using donor teleport commands from gaining entry. Furthermore, all the chests are locked to the moderator group with LWC. This is also a great achievement as it so far has never been breached by Madjock999 who would quite often appear in completely random places and then for everything in those places to disappear. He is still looking for it till this day but since he was told off for using the X-ray mod he has had to be very careful.

Changes at 1.8

Mod vault in 1.8 showing low visibility due to the void

Minecraft 1.8 introduced new shadow effects making excavation near the void much more moody. The mod vault is located near the bottom of the world; as a result, visibility in the mod vault drops to almost zero. There were plans in place to relocate it to a more secure future location, at which time its former location would be revealed and made into a tourist site but the chances of this are extremely unlikely and the area is due to be removed in the near future.