Shulker Ranch

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green_agricultural.png Shulker Ranch
Shulker Ranch.jpg
Owner Palindrome7
Contributors Anna_28
Category Agricultural
Underground? Partly
Public? Yes
Started 11/04/2021
Completed 02/01/2022
Size north to south 163m
Size west to east 158m
Height 255m
Coordinates X=-876
Dimension End
Map Link

The Shulker Ranch is a dungeon which spawns many variants of Shulkers, each with unique abilities and drops.

Players can place an Ender Crystal at the beacon beam to summon more shulkers. Many commands are disabled here, so players cannot escape death by teleporting out. PvP is enabled here, like almost everywhere else.

The G (Blue) end gateway is nearby.

If you do not want the locations and Shulkers here spoiled, stop reading.


The spikey pit of Spikey Shulkers.
An overgrown cave with Poison Shulkers inside.
The Enderload.
A cave with large quantities of water.
Lava caves deep inside the Shulker Ranch.
The upside down area of the Shulker Ranch.
Floating island with nether surface.

Upper Surface

Summoning Beacon

An obsidian platform with a magenta beacon beam indicates where to place an end crystal to summon more shulkers. Placing a crystal here will send a warning title to everyone inside the ranch that more shulkers are about to spawn, then after a short delay the crystal explodes and shulkers spawn. If there is already a shulker at a location where one would normally spawn, another does not spawn there. While the crystal is used the crystal beam points towards a giant floating shulker statue.


The house is at the highest surface level at the ranch, with a kitchen, dining table, indoor chorus tree, and bedroom. It is not advised to use the beds located here as they explode in the End dimension. More chorus plants are located just outside the house. Two endermen stand outside the house holding shulker boxes.


The barn holds a variety of different shulker types which will often attach to the outside of the walls.

Lava Lake

Fiery shulkers often appear in the lava lakes on the surface. Item drops from shulkers killed by players will not burn.

Obsidian Pillar

On top of the obsidian pillar is an end crystal. Chaos shulkers which carry end crystals may appear near this location as well as long range sniper shulkers.

Lower Surface


Connecting to another island, this bridge is the entrance to the Shulker Ranch. It is guarded by two endermen holding shulker boxes and has large shulker statues at the ends. Shulker heads are placed as decoration along the bridge railing.


Glowing slime on the surface of the ground where poison shulkers often are. Landing on this will cause the player to bounce instead of taking fall damage, which is useful when levitating high in the air.


Lava flowing down the side of the ranch to a small pool with magma blocks and fire around it at the bottom. Fiery shulkers often appear here.


Blocks obtained by endermen are stacked up around this area, with a crane for carrying them on and off of nearby ships. A small tower and building is located here near the lower entrance to mineshafts.


Two ships float just outside the island dock, one larger than the other. Many shulkers are often atop or inside them but will not attach to the bottom. These ships transport blocks obtained by endermen. The larger ship also features an enchantment area. Some cows can also be found inside the ship.



There are several layers of mineshafts which connect to a central dig site with an opening to the upper surface. One mineshaft connecting to the lower surface has TNT placed throughout and just outside it. There are exploding shulkers here. Sections of mineshafts filled with cobwebs often have slowness shulkers.

Spike Pit

This pit, which is filed with spikes and spikey shulkers, opens to the upper surface; be careful not to accidentally fall in. It also connects to two different mineshaft layers.

Glow Cave

This cave is filled with glowstone and glowing shulkers. This often makes it easy to spot as the glowing effect is visible through walls. At the bottom lies a small water pool where glow squids can sometimes be found.

Enchanting Library

A small library with enchanting tables, anvils, and an enderchest can be found connected to the mineshafts. Experience shulkers are often in these rooms.

Overgrown Cave

This cave is covered in vines, leaves and slime blocks. Poison shulkers often blend in the to environment here.

The Enderload

A large emerald structure sits in the middle of this opening, with redstone blocks protruding from the walls. Many healthy shulkers blend in with redstone blocks. Exploding shulkers sometimes bend into the emeralds.

Dragon Cave

Here be dragons.

Submerged Cave

Water flows from several holes in the ceiling into this partially submerged cave. Speed shulkers attach to the walls and ceilings and Glow Squids swim in the water lit by sea lanterns.

Lava Cave

Lava covers most of the floor here with occasional obsidian stepping stones. Fiery shulkers keep warm here.

Crystal Cave

A small pool surrounded by ice is inside this cave, with a diamond block and end crystal. Mining fatigue shulkers defend the crystals here from mining.


The void is one of the most dangerous areas; you may lose all of your items if you die.

Upside Down

Upside down end fort towers hang below the Shulker Ranch island. Upside down endermen are found here and shulkers attach to all sides of the blocks. Levitation takes you to what would normally be the floor of the forts.

Floating Islands

Cow Farm

A small floating cow farm in a fenced grassy area. A waterfall flows to main island. You may get milk here to neutralize potion effects.

Peaceful Palm Tree

This sandy island high above the void has an umbrella and beach chair where people can rest.


Netherrack and lava cover the surface. It also warms up fiery shulkers.


A snowman next to a snowy tree decorate this snowy island. Occasionally, there are special snow golems that previously spawned in the The Fight Before Christmas dungeon at Winterthorn. Speed, mining fatigue, and clear shulkers also appear here.


A small crop farm. Bees and fiery shulkers symbolize the Halloween Harvest dungeon that was at the Farm.


Name Color Status Effect Extra Item Dropped Notes
Normal Shulker Purple Levitation (none)
Healthy Shulker Red Levitation Redstone Has double the normal health
Regenerating Shulker Pink Levitation Ghast Tear Regenerates health
Fiery Shulker Orange N/A Blaze Powder Shulker bullets set target hit on fire
Glowing Shulker Yellow Glowing Glowstone Dust Glows
Exploding Shulker Lime N/A (explodes) Gunpowder Explodes instead of shooting Shulker bullets
Poison Shulker Green Poison Slimeball
Mining Fatigue Shulker Teal Mining Fatigue II Prismarine Crystals
Speed Shulker Light Blue Speed II Sugar
Experience Shulker Blue Levitation Lapis Lazuli Drops more experience when killed
Chaos Shulker Purple Levitation End Crystal Often explodes when attempting to shoot and teleports chaotically leaving behind fire
Paladin Shulker Magenta Levitation Netherbrick Invulnerable when closed. Its shulker bullets can not be destroyed
Slowness Shulker Brown Slowness III Brick
Blinding Shulker Black Blindness Coal
Sniper Shulker Gray Levitation Arrow Long range targeting
Spikey Shulker Light Gray Levitation Iron Nugget Has thorns
Clear Shulker White Removes effects Quartz Shulker bullets remove all potion effects from target hit
Rainbow Shulker Rainbow Levitation Stained Glass Alternates between all colours in the same order as Rainbow Sheep

Can also drop a shulker box or shulker head of any colour.

Invisible Shulker Transparent Invisibility Glass Head is named simply "Shulker's Head", with no mention of the color
Wither Shulker Gray Wither Nether Star
Dragon Shulker Black Levitation Elytra & Dragon's Breath Has quadruple the normal health

Media ScarClaw72 made a video about Shulker Ranch in his 77th episode of Exploring Freedonia as part of the fourth season.