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For the exclusive dungeon plugin for MinecraftOnline that makes the below features possible, see PenguinDungeons.
If you are looking for a feature in vanilla Minecraft that spawn structures underground, see Dungeon [Minecraft Wiki]
The structure you are looking for may not be a dungeon; see Mineshaft [Minecraft Wiki] or Stronghold [Minecraft Wiki].

There are two types of Dungeon features in MinecraftOnline. This page lists all the Dungeons that are/were available exclusively to the server.

Dungeon bonuses

In addition to special mechanics and abilities of the dungeon mobs, defeating them rewards additional XP and collectible items. See each dungeon's main page or the Collectible Items of MCO page for more details about items available.

Experience Points (XP)

Group Examples Base Mob / Vanilla Experience Dungeon Experience Info
Animals Easter Bunny, Zombie Dog, Pride Sheep Rabbit, Wolf, Sheep 1-3 5-8 Similar amount of experience to normal Zombies.
Hostile All zombie and skeleton variants, including all Bees, Love Bug, Butterfly All hostile mobs, excluding Shulkers, Slimes, and Ghasts Depends on base mob Double the Vanilla value Most variants of zombies and skeletons normally give 5 + 1–3 (per equipment) experience in Vanilla.
This bonus applies for both regular zombies and special zombies in Delta City.
Snow Golems Snowflake Golem, Ice Golem, Explosive Snow Golem Snow Golem 0 10 Same amount of experience as a Vanilla Blaze.
Slimes Honey, Cake Slime 1 (Small), 2 (Medium), 4 (Large) 1 (Small), 2 (Medium), 4 (Large) Unchanged, same as vanilla Slime.
Shulkers All the variants of Shulkers in the Shulker Ranch* Shulker 5 5 Unchanged, same amount of experience as a Vanilla Shulkers.
*except Experience Shulker which provides an additional 37 experience.
Giants Giant Zombie Giant 5 50 Actually is 25 but doubled due to the Hostile bonus above.
Same as a Vanilla Wither boss.
Cupid Cupid (boss) Wither Skeleton 5 + 1–3 (per equipment) 50 Actually is 25 but doubled due to the Hostile bonus above.
Same as a Vanilla Wither boss.
Bossess Frost Golem, Power Paws Iron Golem 0 50 Same as a Vanilla Wither boss.
Pumpking Pumpking Wither boss 50 50 Unchanged, same as a Vanilla Wither boss.
Dragons Terrain Dragon, Robot Dragon, Astral Dragon Ender Dragon 500 500 Unchanged, same as a Vanilla Ender Dragon.
Other Chaos Ghast Ghast 5 5 Unchanged, same as a Vanilla.

The above experience drop changes apply to mobs created with PenguinDungeons plugin code. They may not apply to NBT configurable mobs.

A comprehensive list of constant and event dungeons

Permanently playable dungeons

Ender Dragon fight

  • Added to the regular fight on 1 November 2021
  • Location: The End
  • A sizeable modification to the regular Ender Dragon boss fight to add an unique challenge to MCO

Features of this dungeon

  • Dragons will drop an elytra upon death.
  • Using different kinds of crystals will change the kind of dragon and pillar material.
    • Using four Terrain Crystals will spawn a Terrain Dragon with dirt and podzol pillars.
    • Using four Metal Crystals will spawn a Robot Dragon with polished andesite pillars.
    • Using four Snowflake Crystals will spawn an Ender Dragon and four Frost Golems with packed ice pillars.
      • This will also cause it to rain or snow in parts of Freedonia where that can happen.
    • Using four Chocolate Crystals will spawn an Ender Dragon and four Power Paws with brown concrete pillars.
    • Using four Spooky Crystals will spawn an Ender Dragon and four Pumpkings with nether brick pillars.
    • Using four Astral Crystals will spawn an Astral dragon with yellow stained glass and glowstone pillars.

Shulker Ranch

  • Introduced on 2 January 2022
  • Location: The End -> Gateway Blue (G)

Main feature to this dungeon being its wide variety of shulkers, each with unique drop tables, projectile effects, and even colours!

Delta City Disaster

  • Introduced on 23 October 2022
  • Halloween extension available during 23 October - 2 November 2022
    • Halloween extension returned during 7 October - 1 November 2023
  • Location: Delta City

Delta City has been overrun by zombies! Explore the city and fight off the different kinds of zombies.

This dungeon is all about zombies. It is permanently active at Delta City after a decade of inactivity when staffs have finally filled in vacant plots and populated the place with zombies. Be aware of aggressive giants suddenly appearing as they squash those at their footing.

Features of this dungeon

Mob spawners in Delta City spawn custom zombies that spawns in the dungeon.

  • Broken vanilla Giants were given the proper AI they should had for the game, and now “attack” players.
  • The previously unobtainable Zombie Horses can now be legitimately tamed, and brought to player’s homes. Zombie dogs cannot however.
  • Mobs can spawn under any light level / block condition; usually wolves would need grass and husks would need sky light.
  • Chests spread across the city will automatically refill with random item loot related to their location.
    • Several locked chests can be found which hold more valuable items such as highly enchanted diamond gear or golden apples. These can only be opened with a Key Card (unlimited uses, curse of vanishing) which can be rarely found in any other chest.

Helpful tips

  • <Halloween only> The Pumpking boss can be summoned by giving a nether star to a Zompkin wearing a jack-o-lantern.
  • Both the Pumpking boss and Giants should be attacked by bow and arrows.
    • Pumpking, like Withers will fly when over half health but then go close to the ground and be invulnerable to projectiles when under half health.
    • Giants will likely kill you if you get too close to them.

Notable info

  • Improved the compatibility between mob spawners and PenguinDungeons thus allowing for a dungeon without a necessary activation method
  • Upon its original release, some mobs had their drop chances set too low. Notable ones would be the Ninja and Dog drops, as they were 10x rarer than the Shulker Ranch's shulker head drops. (I blame getplayerhead.sh?Void42_&16.png Void42_)

Bee Dungeon

  • Pride sheep are available in this dungeon only during June.
  • Location: The Hive

Bees, slimes, and Pride Sheep with collectable and decorative item drops are available in this dungeon. They spawn in the honey combs around the maze-like dungeon.

All mobs could be spawned by using a crystal placed on the block of obsidian in one of the combs.

Event dungeons throughout the ages

Halloween Harvest

  • Held during Halloween season 2021 between 30 October to 1 November
  • Location: Farm
  • First full implementation of PenguinDungeons

Features of this dungeon

A wide variety of halloween themed mobs including witches, skeletons, and bees?? (invisible mobs wearing custom Angry Bee heads)

This dungeon’s mobs dropped unique halloween items such as the Pumpkin Pail, Manuka Honey and both the regular and angry variants of bees as custom heads, in addition to both varieties of the Spooky Pumpkins also obtainable in the hourly gift system.

Notable info

This dungeon did not use actual loot tables for its mobs, but used the mob’s armour and hand slots to store their unique drops.

The Fight Before Christmas

  • Held during Christmas season 2021 between 9 December to 31 December
  • Returned during Christmas season 2022 from 17 December to 27 December
  • Returned during Christmas season 2023 from 1st December to 27 December
  • Location: Winterthorn

Features of this dungeon

This dungeon had a variety of special mobs to fight which would include new varieties of Snowmen, Penguins (zombies fitted out to appear as penguins) and even Polar bears!

This dungeon would include special snowflake items which would drop commonly from the mobs, maybe even a little too commonly as some might say, as well as a "unique" penguin head drop.

This dungeon would see its activation with the use of /dungeon Winterthorn.

2022 Season

A new Frost Golem miniboss was added, summoned by using a Snowflake Crystal at one of four locations in Winterthorn.

Snowflake Crystals were crafted with a Snowflake Block (from four Snowflakes) and eight ice blocks.

Notable info

This dungeon would see the implementation of proper loot tables for the unique mob drops, however, due to error on getplayerhead.sh?Void42_&16.png Void42_'s part, he would end up making the Snowflakes drop rate too high, thus resulting in players acquiring literal double chests worth of Special Snowflakes. This error would be later fixed before the end of the event.


Terrain dragons approached a random ruined Borderland hub at a random time. Once one was approaching and after a short cooldown players could start the dragon fight with /dragon summon <hub> nearby the hub.

Upon defeating the dragon the borderlands hub was restored and became functional. Only the player who got the final hit on the dragon kill could pick up the items dropped by it. They dropped 1-2 Terrain Dragon Eyes, a dragon head, and an elytra.

An additional dragon eye is given to the player to use /dragon claim <hub> at the location after the dragon is defeated. And nearby players were given Petrified Soil.

The final dungeon at Nexus Central involved 4 outer dragons and one central dragon.

Easter Bunny Bash

Killer Easter bunnies with collectable item drops were available in this dungeon.

Dungeon mobs are spawned by using a crystal in the middle of the arena.

Tour of Terror

  • Held during August 2022
  • Location: Historical tour and Extended tour locations
  • 23 different locations from across the server history

Similar to the Petrification but instead Terrain Dragons there were more powerful Robot dragons with new attack types. Robot Dragons were equipped with fireballs, dragon breath, laser bullets, lightning, and a tractor beam. All attacks (excluding lightning) gave the levitation effect. They were progressively defeated at each tour location. Upon the use of the claim command after dragon defeat, the tour pads at that location became activated and allowed teleporting to the next tour location.

The dragons dropped 1-2 Robot Dragon Eyes, a dragon head, and an elytra. Players who participated in the dragon fight were given 1-3 Scrap Metal.

A Focusing Lens was given to the player who used /dragon claim <location>.

Easter Valley

  • Held during April 2023 and March/April 2024
  • Location: Easter Valley

Killer Easter Bunnies with collectable item drops were available in this dungeon. They spawn in the caves around the dungeon.

Additional Easter Bunnies and new Cake mobs could be spawned by using a crystal in the middle of the arena.

A Power Paws bunny boss could be summoned by using a candy carrot on a brown Easter Bunny (10% of Easter Bunnies). This boss would throw eggs and jump to players. As well as launching them in to the air with a melee attack.

The boss could rarely drop a Lucky Bunny Paw, which gave the wearer +1 Luck. Wearing this item can increase the chance of obtaining an item drop from other dungeon mobs.

Forêt d'amour

The Valentine's themed dungeon, featuring Cupids, Love sprites, Loving zombies called Enthralled, and Love bugs. Crystals are used to spawn in the mobs of this dungeon.

To summon the Cupid boss, you must use the Forgotten Words item dropped from normal dungeon enemies on the Lost Cupids that spawn in once a crystal is used. alternatively, you may also use a Completed promise on the wandering Cupid to transform it into a villager that will trade items for Love letters, dropped from regular enemies and the dungeon boss.

Astral Fracture

  • Held from February 10th to March 10th
  • Location: The End

During the Lunar new year of the Dragon, players were able to summon Astral Dragons to locations in the outer end which upon their defeat created an End Gateway which teleports entities back to the central end. The Astral Dragons would shoot Astral Cubes that teleported players hit by them randomly like chorus fruit. And would spawn Butterflies.

The final fracture was in the central end island with Astral_Monarch_Flippeh starting in dragon form then later human form, and four additional Astral Dragons.

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