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There are two types of Dungeon features in MinecraftOnline.

  • If you are looking for the exclusive dungeon plugin for MinecraftOnline that makes these features possible, please refer to PenguinDungeons for more info
  • Or if you are looking for a feature in vanilla Minecraft that spawn structures underground: Dungeon - Minecraft Wiki

A comprehensive list of constant and event dugeons

Ender Dragon fight

  • Added to the regular fight on 1 November 2021
  • Location: The End
  • A sizeable modification to the regular ender dragon boss fight to add a unique challenge to mco

Features of this dungeon:

The Ender dragon will drop an elytra upon death

Unique shulkers will spawn around the end portal alongside the Ender dragon, each with their own special status giving projectiles and special drop tables.

Shulker Ranch

  • Introduced on 2 January 2022
  • Location: The End -> Portal Blue (G)

Main feature to this dungeon being its wide variety of shulkers, each with unique drop tables, projectile effects, and even colours!

Event dungeons throughout the ages

Halloween Harvest

  • Held during Halloween season 2021 between 30 October to 1 November
  • Location: Farm
  • First full implementation of PenguinDungeons

Features of this dungeon:

A wide variety of halloween themed mobs including, Witches, Skeletons, Bees?? (invisible mobs wearing custom Angry bee heads)

This dungeons mobs dropped unique halloween items such as the Pumpkin Pail, Manuka Honey and both the regular and angry variants of bees as custom heads, in addition to both varieties of the Spooky pumpkins also obtainable in the hourly gift system.

Notable info:

This dungeon did not use actual loot tables for its mobs, but used the mobs armour and hand slots to store their unique drops.

The Fight Before Christmas

  • Held during Christmas season 2021 between 9 December to 31 December
  • Location: Winterthorn

Features of this dungeon:

This dungeon had a variety of special mobs to fight which would include New varieties of Snowmen, Penguins (zombies fitted out to appear as penguins) and even Polar bears!

This dungeon would include special snowflake items which would drop commonly from the mobs, maybe even a little too commonly as some might say, as well as a "unique" penguin head drop.

This dungeon would see its activation with the use of /dungeon Winterthorn

Notable info:

This dungeon would see the implementation of proper loot tables for the unique mob drops, however, due to error on getplayerhead.sh?Void42_&16.png Void42_'s part, he would end up making the Snowflakes drop rate too high, thus resulting in players acquiring literal double chests worth of Special Snowflakes. This error would be later fixed before the end of the event.


Terrain dragons approached a random ruined Borderland hub at a random time. Once one was approaching and after a short cooldown players could start the dragon fight with /dragon summon <hub> nearby the hub.

Upon defeating the dragon the borderlands hub was restored and became functional. Only the player who got the final hit on the dragon kill could pick up the items dropped by it. They dropped 1-2 dragon eyes, a dragon head, and an elytra.

An additional dragon eye is given to the player to use /dragon claim <hub> at the location after the dragon is defeated. And nearby players were given Petrified Soil.

The final dungeon at Nexus Central involved 4 outer dragons and one central dragon.