Great Rollback of 2015

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   <SlowRiot> I AM SO DURNKED
   <Prince__Valiant> riot can we have day please
   <SlowRiot> OK VALIANT
   <SlowRiot> ILL MAKE IT DAY
   Server is stopping...

On April 1, 2015, SlowRiot accidentally crashed the server when attempting to change the time to day. For some bizarre reason, the latest backup had been created July 28, 2011, meaning that the server had to be rolled back nearly 4 years.

Fortunately, a slightly more recent backup was salvaged the next day, and the server was returned to the year 2015.

Notable events

  • SlowRiot and the entire moderation staff were temporarily demoted
  • A server announcement goes out stating that grief has been allowed for the day
  • The entire Spawn is quickly coated in lava
  • Various landmarks of yesteryear are rediscovered and then demolished soon after
  • A certain admin spawns in an Ender Dragon named Debbie (who quickly proceeds to destroy the Spawn and everyone near it) that makes a nest in the Ungriefable Tower
  • Flippeh slays Debbie, but not before she demolishes the nearby Menger Sponge