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User IconPippi


Known as Icon, Pippi
Location Italy
Nationality Italian
DOB -07-16th
In Freedonia
First joined 2018-02-21
First building Icon's Temple
Donor level * Donated
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IconPippi says goodnight but doesn't mean it >:).

Builds / Contributions / Projects

(Mostly in chronological order)

Bans and Unbans

IconPippi was banned a total of 3 times:

1) IconPippi was first banned by Jmancino2 on the fifth of April 2020 for "broke cobble over chest in house". IconPippi was unbanned the same day by TheDarkrai85.

2) The twenty-seventh of April 2020 IconPippi was banned by jimmyd93, reason: "Systematically griefing by using pistons to access chests [logcheck]". IconPippi was unbanned the next day with 3 vouchers: Darkerfly, 87w, sejdin57.

3) IconPippi got banned for the final time on 2021 March 25 by 14mRh4X0r, reason: "Utilization of malware to obtain access and distribute staff resources".

Feel free to contribute to this page, I don't really like writing about myself :)

Darkerfly's thought on Icon

Icon is a cool person that knows some tech stuff. We have spent a lot of time together on the server, mess around with build and stuff. When I vouch for her, I believed that they are a good person that deserved a chance to prove themselves, and thus icon has become a close friend of mine. Even after all these have happened I still wish I could know more about them. We had a great time together. Thank you for all the good memory and for being yourself. I am so sorry for the mess I have created causing all these to happen. Goodbye.