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Also known as: Caesena, Lydes

User IconPippi


Known as Icon, Pippi
Location Italy
Nationality Italian
DOB -07-16th
In Freedonia
First joined 2018-02-21
First building Icon's Temple
Donor level * Donor
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IconPippi says goodnight but doesn't mean it >:).

Builds / Contributions / Projects

(Mostly in chronological order)

Bans and Unbans

IconPippi was banned 5 times, including twice on alts:

  1. IconPippi was first banned by Jmancino2 on the fifth of April 2020 for "broke cobble over chest in house". IconPippi was unbanned the same day by TheDarkrai85.
  2. The twenty-seventh of April 2020 IconPippi was banned by jimmyd93, reason: "Systematically griefing by using pistons to access chests [logcheck]". IconPippi was unbanned the next day after being vouched for by Darkerfly, 87w and sejdin57.
  3. IconPippi got banned for the final time on 2021 March 25 by 14mRh4X0r, reason: "Utilization of malware to obtain access and distribute staff resources". The admins had discontinued vouching by then and didn't ban the vouchers.
  4. They then ban evaded with Caesena and backdoored the server. The admins caught and banned them on 9 January 2023.
  5. Yet again, they ban evaded with Lydes being swiftly caught by Void42_ just short post-40 hours timeplayed on the 20th August 2023.

Feel free to contribute to this page, I don't really like writing about myself :)

Wizard's Thoughts on Icon

Icon was pretty cool. I never had a negative altercation with him and i wish him the best. I personally know little about their third ban, but I don't really see Icon trying to crush the server with the might of his fist. Maybe the staff team though. I don't know. All in all, Icon was a pretty cool person who i enjoyed talking with, and I am sad they are now gone. I wish them all the best. _WizardDev_

Snaky's Thoughts on Icon snakyman here. Honestly I never talked to icon that much except for sometimes in Newport staff chat. Darker and r9q trusted them so I just made them Newport staff and in charge of my swamp islands lol. Sorry to hear you got banned. I got unbanned 3 times so maybe you can too