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User 4Catnip

It's a Giant Cyborg Bond Villain, c'mon!

Known as Giant Cyborg Bond Villain (GCBV), Catnip, 4Catnip, Cat, Catmeister, Evil EYES, Really bad CGI Bond Villain
Location 4Catnip's Evil Layer
Nationality Cretin
Occupation Full-Teyeme Villain
In Freedonia
First joined 03 December 2018
First building 1Catnip's Base
Donor level * Donated
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4Catnip, Giant Cyborg Bond Villain TheDemetri 4Catnip is the scourge of the Earth MrSlimeDiamond 4catnip needs to be banished 1Catnip 4Catnip is a cretin to our society MrMcBricks if 4catnip logged on i'd beat his stupid slicked back hair to the floor

4Catnip is a giant cyborg bond villain, and an alt of 1Catnip. He has no known home, but he is rumored to have a hidden base in the underworld of the 1Catnip Justice League. He has a disgusting skin with a velvet red suit, purple and orange cyber-augmentations, and greasy slicked back hair. 1Catnip 4Catnip's been banned like 28 times

4Catnip is the mortal enemy of the 1Catnip Justice League. Why? Who knows and who cares. He has a terrible track record of being a villain, constantly being killed my members of the 1CNJL. His head is worth less than cobblestone because of this. So far he has done nothing worthwhile against the 1CNJL or Freedonia. McOBot (MCS) 4Catnip was murdered by MrMcBricks using [Cock]