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User MrSlimeDiamond

A blue slime in a tuxedo. Changed after the request of TheDarkrai85

Known as slimey, slime, diamond, dia, SD
Gender Male
Location New Zealand
Nationality European (don't know where exactly)
DOB 2007-06-29
Occupation Student
In Freedonia
First joined 12th July 2018
First building My old house, near fakestaff
Donor level **** Gold
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where did you go?

Hi! I kinda disappeared from MCO a little while back, got bored, life happened, etc etc


  • Infamous cringe (2018-2020)
  • Infamous mod wannabe (2018-2020)
  • still maturing person (2020-2021)
  • joins once a year (2021-now)

Other stuff

  • Founder of Slatville
  • Creator of NarwhalBot, aka the worst bot ever lol (thanks whoever wrote that)

Slime's old username is SlimeDiamondYT. He changed it because he aged and YT looked silly.


The first day

Slime's first day was on the 12th of July 2018. His first words were Hello!

  < MrSlimeDiamond> Hello!
  < Dread_Nova> hello
  < DosMiniDoc> hi
  < MrSlimeDiamond> This is my first time joining the server I think!
  < Dread_Nova> welcome!
  < tyhdefu> read the rules :)
  < Dread_Nova> oh, and hey dos
  < MrSlimeDiamond> But not my first time on minecraft, I can't remember that ;-;
  < DosMiniDoc> Hi Dread
  < MrSlimeDiamond> Ok, I looked at the rules, No Spamming, Cheating or greifing
  < DosMiniDoc> you got it ;)
  < Dread_Nova> if you want empty space try ./wilderness
  < MrSlimeDiamond> woah

The other slime

Slime found another slime on MCO just after his arrival, his reaction:

  < Slime_tiger> hey another person with slime in their name

You can tell he was happy.

The green star

Slime had a cool green star in front of his name, showing he donated. But he did not donate. The story is he won a diving competition and doublehelix457 gave him donor status!

  < MrSlimeDiamond> *cheers*
  < TheGolum> *druum rols* MrSlimeDiamond donated £4.00 for donor status!
  < WaffleNomster> O:
  < MrSlimeDiamond> AYE!
  < MrSlimeDiamond> donor! :D
  < 1Catnip> Woo!
  < 2eZ4U> :P
  < TheGolum> o:
  < MrSlimeDiamond> I won! :D
  < doublehelix457> we dont say "aye" here

The yellow stars

Slime got 2nd place in the Picture Contest September 2019. He was upgraded to a stone donor. He is the last person to ever receive a legacy donor rank.

 < FlyingJellyfish> next, coming in SECOND PLACE
 (people saying random stuff)
 < FlyingJellyfish> WITH 25 VOTES
 (a bunch of people saying 'drumroll")
 < FlyingJellyfish> MrSlimeDiamond!
 < MrSlimeDiamond> :D

Four golden starssssssss

SlimeDiamond managed to get four stars on 8/8/2021

   (MCS) MrSlimeDiamond joined the game
   **a lot of people saying 'slime!!!1111'
   (MCS) MrSlimeDiamond just paid 99 Tokens to upgrade from the Stone Kit to the Gold Kit!
   < MrSlimeDiamond (now with more stars)> boop?
   **loads of congratulation**

100 hours

Slime hit 100 hours on 21/8/2019

(MCS) SlimeDiamondYT has played for over 100 hours!
(MCS) SlimeDiamondYT earned the right to build higher than 128!
< SlimeDiamondYT> yay me!
< TheATrap> gg
< Chrzescijanstwo> good job
< bawest> congratz SlimeDiamondYT!

500 hours

Slime hit 500 hours on 1/11/2019

(MCS) MrSlimeDiamond has played for over 500 hours!
< strayonesobbing> GG.
< MrSlimeDiamond> GG me!
< Wulf_359> gratz


NarwhalBot is SlimeDiamond's IRC (and to an extent, Discord) bot.

Github Repo

Additional information at the bot's section on the IRC page Jmancino2 being a little devious

 18:54 -!- fricbot was kicked from #minecraftonline by Jmancino2 [why did you kick my bot?]
 18:54 < SlimeDiamond> Jman
 18:54 <@Demetri> lmao
 18:54 < SlimeDiamond> can you fuckin
 18:54 <@McObot> (MCS) Silinox_ joined the game.
 18:54 <@Demetri> nice job jman
 18:54 <@McObot> (MCS) Silinox_ is joining for the first time!
 18:55 -!- SlimeDiamond was kicked from #minecraftonline by Jmancino2 [why did you kick me?!?!?!?!]
Incident with NarwhalBot
   < MrSlimeDiamond> right narwhalbot might get kicked from esper in a sec
   < MrSlimeDiamond> i wonder what happens if i do this-
   < techkid6> *Why...*
   * NarwhalBot has quit (Excess Flood)
   < techkid6> *sigh*

Things I like

  • Linux
  • Open source!!!
  • YOU!

Things I don't like

  • Microsoft


The end

Here's the end of the wiki page! No, seriously this is the end.