1Catnip Justice League

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Organisations 1Catnip Justice League
Leadership getplayerhead.sh?1Catnip&16.png 1Catnip
Headquarters 1Catnip Justice League HQ
Founded September 15, 2019
Public? Ask Permission

The 1Catnip Justice League is an organization formed by getplayerhead.sh?1Catnip&16.png 1Catnip right after the construction of the 1Catnip Justice League HQ. It currently serves no real purpose.

What We Do

• 1. Drink beer
• 2. ???
• 3. Profit


getplayerhead.sh?1Catnip&16.png 1Catnip
getplayerhead.sh?TheDemetri&16.png TheDemetri
getplayerhead.sh?MrSlimeDiamond&16.png MrSlimeDiamond
getplayerhead.sh?WaffleNomster&16.png WaffleNomster
getplayerhead.sh?SleeplessTheCat&16.png SleeplessTheCat
getplayerhead.sh?MrMcBricks&16.png MrMcBricks
getplayerhead.sh?Void42_&16.png Void42_
getplayerhead.sh?Raflamar&16.png Raflamar
getplayerhead.sh?TheGolum&16.png TheGolum
getplayerhead.sh?Dread_Nova&16.png Dread_Nova
getplayerhead.sh?cupcake98&16.png cupcake98
getplayerhead.sh?EastDakota&16.png EastDakota
getplayerhead.sh?bucketsofwasps&16.png bucketsofwasps
getplayerhead.sh?helpimdeadinside&16.png helpimdeadinside
getplayerhead.sh?Beeraeka&16.png Beeraeka
getplayerhead.sh?TheGriffinLord&16.png TheGriffinLord

Membership is open to those who have registered and have more than 50 hours played. Contact getplayerhead.sh?1Catnip&16.png 1Catnip for more details. If you are banned from MCO, you will be kicked from the JL.


After being gone for a few months, getplayerhead.sh?1Catnip&16.png 1Catnip came back started to branch out the justice league and invite more players. Construction began on HQ to improve it, as well as the surrounding area to increase an influx of tourists. Many roles were given to certain members, listed below are such roles.

getplayerhead.sh?MrSlimeDiamond&16.png MrSlimeDiamond: CEO of CatnipCorp Datacenters, Owner and registrar of CatnipCorp server equipment, Left Hand Man of 1Catnip
getplayerhead.sh?pizzaboxer&16.png pizzaboxer: Technical Lead of CatnipCorp Datacenters, Head of Recruitment, Advertisement, and Related Affairs, Lead Barista at CatnipBucks
getplayerhead.sh?TheDemetri&16.png TheDemetri: Ambassador of Demetria Inc., Right Hand Man of 1Catnip, Ambassador of Czech-American-New Zealander Affairs
getplayerhead.sh?WaffleNomster&16.png WaffleNomster: Head of 1CNJL Legal Team and Lead Procrastinator
getplayerhead.sh?Void42_&16.png Void42_: Head of 1CNJL security, Secret ModBar bartender
getplayerhead.sh?Raflamar&16.png Raflamar: Head of 1CNJLHQ Gardening
getplayerhead.sh?MrMcBricks&16.png MrMcBricks: Head of Janitorial duties
getplayerhead.sh?TheGolum&16.png TheGolum: Office Head of the Pumpkins
getplayerhead.sh?Dread_Nova&16.png Dread_Nova: Head of 1CNJL Finances
getplayerhead.sh?cupcake98&16.png cupcake98: Head of Good Behavior, Not Being a Dick, and 1CNJL HR Representative
getplayerhead.sh?EastDakota&16.png EastDakota: Head of Alternate Accounts and Director of Visitor Centres
getplayerhead.sh?TheGriffinLord&16.png TheGriffinLord: Resident Notch Apple Expert, Right Foot Man of 1Catnip

Bridge Over Troubled Water

One day on the 4th of February, 2020, for no apparent reason, the 1CNJL went to war with New Eden for about 5 minutes. Over negotiation with getplayerhead.sh?WaffleNomster&16.png WaffleNomster and getplayerhead.sh?Eclypto18&16.png Eclypto18, the tensions were turned towards getplayerhead.sh?Raflamar&16.png Raflamar as the JL and New Eden both allied and started war with Raflamar. The alliance has hopefully improved relations between Eclypto and 1Catnip.

Later that same day, getplayerhead.sh?pizzaboxer&16.png pizzaboxer notified 1Catnip that the JL had not payed taxes since September of 1939 and owed the MCO IRS 1 dirt block. Being the poorest member on MCO, 1Catnip could not afford such a tax debt. 1Catnip held an emergency meeting with getplayerhead.sh?WaffleNomster&16.png WaffleNomster, getplayerhead.sh?pizzaboxer&16.png pizzaboxer, getplayerhead.sh?Void42_&16.png Void42_, and getplayerhead.sh?MrMcBricks&16.png MrMcBricks. Four resolutions were made to solve the tax crisis.

• 1. Scrounge up enough resources to pay off the MCO IRS (5 Nays)
• 2. Continue committing tax fraud against the MCO IRS (5 Ayes)
• 3. (Catnip's idea) Overthrow the government of Holland and steal all their dirt (4 Ayes and 1 Abstained)
• 4. (Waffle's idea) Rush Mod Vault and steal all their dirt (3 Ayes and 2 Abstained)

In the end, the JL agreed to continue committing tax fraud.

getplayerhead.sh?MCOIRS&16.png MCOIRS joined the game. This ensued in chaos, and many bad words were thrown around. However, MCOIRS wanted to make a deal. The JL would never have to pay taxes again if the tax rate was moved somewhere else. MCOIRS allowed the taxes to be moved to Snaketown, where their taxes went up tenfold. This shift of taxes was approved by getplayerhead.sh?WaffleNomster&16.png WaffleNomster.