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User MrMcBricks
Known as Joey, McBricks, Bricks
Gender Male
Location ingerland
Nationality ingerlish
Occupation Slave
In Freedonia
First joined 25th December 2018
First building McBricks' Place
Donor level * Donor
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A prestigous official award given gracefully to this wiki page


  < MrMcBricks> If Riot is online I'll send a photo of my balls to all of you
  < SlowRiot> better get the microscope out Joey

After buying Minecraft on the 25th of December 2018, MrMcBricks wanted to visit the server he'd been interested in for days prior. The first thing he did when installing the launcher was booting up 1.7.10 and joining Freedonia. When first joining the server, he received a message from ReverseDmitry asking him if he wanted to join his town. Being new, he said yes and became Townetria's earliest member. He is now the Mayor of the large town. He is currently the owner of Tarigoul and currently lives in Valley of Bricks. He is also affiliated with the Waffle Gang and the 1Catnip Justice League MrMcBricks became mod on the 10th of May 2020

Slightly notable is that he was gifted the item Mr.McBrick by winx51 after her promotion to admin. VERY notable, however, is that this brick is 'friendly!'. Info can be found on Collectible Items of MCO.


A relatively unknown staff party room almost directly below the Visitor Centre (only accessible via staff member)

The carving of his face on a mountain at spawn (seen below)

2020-05-22 20.29.57 (1).png

Isle of Bricks

Valley of Bricks

MrMcBricks at spawn the day before the 10th anniversary on a flying horse

A few of the buildings in Project MOON

MrMcBricks trapped in the cake in the Visitor Centre

McBricks' Place

His player statue at Valley of Bricks


Projects MrMcBricks made a video comparing screenshots of old locations for the 10th anniversary. The finished version can be found here: