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User Daltalf

A monochrome man

Known as Dalt, Dalta
Gender Male
Location United States
Nationality American; Irish and German heritage
DOB 2003-02-19
Occupation Tree nerd
In Freedonia
First joined 03 August 2020
First building A tombstone
Donor level ** Donor II
Kit level ***** Nether
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Dalt spinning for eternity
< Jibletz> Daltalf, the cousin of Gandalf
< Darkerfly> I actually dont know much about datla

Daltalf was a registered player on MinecraftOnline.


He first stumbled into the rules hall on August 3rd, 2020.

Some notable moments:

<08/03/2020> First death occurred on the same day he joined, on a beach near AmpCity. His tombstone is at -5386 -726
<08/07/2020> Began building Mons Albus
<08/09/2020> Visited the End for the first time
<08/26/2021> First visit to the Nether
<08/26/2021> First visit to the new End
<09/11/2021> First time visiting Sauna
<09/22/2021> Reached 100 hours of time played. To celebrate, he made a stone statue that reaches y level 207
<10/14/2021> Defeated End Dragon
<11/15/2021> Reached 500 hours of time played
<12/29/2021> Promoted to Moderator
<02/15/2022> Reached 1000 hours of time played
<02/11/2023> Resigned from Moderator position
<05/08/2023> Officially left the server


Dalt generally spent his time at Mons Albus. If not, he was likely either traveling to see a friend or searching the map for his long-lost brain. He is currently far away from the server, resting in his retirement home. Like many others before him, he became too weary of the malicious people that brought toxicity and drama to the server.

More About Dalt


  • Music: is self-taught in piano and loves to improvise his own songs
  • Nature: knows a bit about trees, especially the ones native to where he lives. He loves to go hiking in forests, and loves to gaze into the stars on cloudless nights
  • Language: can write, read, and speak quite fluently in German. He intermittently takes further lessons, and is also learning a few other languages on a basic level
  • Architecture: is appreciative of the creative efforts put forth to design the amazing buildings that dot both the earth and Freedonia. Many of his builds on MCO were built with inspiration from gothic and romanesque architecture


  • Is very goofy but is serious when the occasion demands it >_<
  • Loves puns and dad jokes
  • Will generally be happy to see others happy
  • Is a relatively creative peep but unmotivated to carry out most long-term plans

Behold an emotional moment:

<McObot> Daltalf got the most griefed item on mco
<Raterft> torch?
<Daltalf> no, my heart
<Raterft> ;c