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User Ldog540

Ldog is an 에픽 한국어

Known as dog, DiagnosticDog
Gender Male
Nationality American
Occupation CEO of PurpleEmporium Founder of Novum Culta
In Freedonia
First joined January 28th 2012
First building Ldog's Meat shop
Kit level *** Iron
Legacy donor level *** Iron
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"I'm bored." -Ldog540 shortly before joining MCO

Ldog's wolf family

In January of 2012, Ldog wandered into the snowy wastelands of northern freedonia. He was found and raised by a pack of wolves before striking out on his own to open a meat shop. He become a trifounder of Novum Culta a few months after joining, and has grown firm roots in Freedonia by creating several other builds. Now the CEO and co-founder of Purple Emporium, Ldog won't be leaving Freedonia anytime soon.

Here we see Ldog AFKing
The fun will never end, it's Adventure Time! xD Ldog540 I wonder if FlyingJellyfish has graffiti'd my wiki page yet.

Yes... Yes she has...
FlyingJellyfish woz 'ere
this is now a very long wiki page

Ldog's Brain winx51 Wise Ldog is wise.

Ldog is generally considered one of the most intelligent dogs in existance. In fact, Ldog was Confucius in a previous life. This earns him the admiration of the whole server.

The Ldog/Confucius studies a strange item IgotzASnIPer Ldog, you are way too smart for your age FlyingJellyfish ooh ldog is very articulate MattyQ Ldog, you're such a smart kid.

However, it has also inspired jealousy in those who covet his exalted status. Ldog540 One girl hates me because I stole her position as smartest in the grade

For those who wish to follow in his path of wisdom and knowledge, Ldog offers this advice: Ldog540 The smart ones are reading and doing homework :P Ldog540 I love getting high...grades!


Ldog hoping that riot will notice him Ldog540 Yeah, I look gooood in blue >:P

Several months after joining the server, Ldog began to feel a burning desire to serve as a moderator. Ldog540 A mommy mod and a daddy mod love each other very much, then they have a baby. 
 When that baby is old enough, it joins a minecraft server. Then, it gets a pretty blue name 
 after showing that it can be a mod. The End

He attempted to show his modly abilities by distracting griefers in interrogation and interrupting appeals. Kids, don't try this at home, it never works. Unless you're Ldog that is. He finally obtained the desired staff position in the following manner: Ldog540 I  wear no underwear >:P SlowRiot want to be a mod anyway?

Ldog's Eating Habits

Ever since he was a baby, food has been very important to Ldog. Ldog540 I woke up every two hours and bawled for food

Because he is so wise, Ldog eats his fruits and veggies like a boss Ldog540 I eat fruit like candy. Ldog540 I love all manner of fruit :P Ldog540 I have way over the recommended servings of fruit per day. I eat at least 5 oranges and 3 apples Ldog540 I also love baby carrots and celery

He also spurns several less appetizing foods Ldog540 I personally hate twinkies Ldog540 I hate waffles

Contrary to what one might expect, Ldog's physical stature does not correlate to his food consumption Ldog540 I'm incredibly skinny, despite stuffing myself with food >.>

Likes Ldog540 I love scarring the psyches of 12 year old noobs :) Ldog540 I love to feed my cat cyanide, oh yes i do, i love to feed my cat cyanide


  • Wannabe trolls
  • Newbie killers
  • AFK killers
  • Lime green (it burns us)
  • Griefers, may their souls be forever trapped in the Nether

Official Positions

Ldog is the official dog breeder of the FlyingJellyfish, a distant relative of the flying spaghetti monster. FlyingJellyfish ldog I appoint you royal puppy breeder to her highness the flyingjellyfish

He fulfills the duties of his post with great enthusiasm

 * Ldog540 chants FlyingJellyfish while sacrificing a newborn lamb to her

Popular Opinion

Everyone loves the Ldoggy Enjoku so courteous Ldog is shypixel Ldog is hot! funnysean Ldog is a Heresy! KILL HIM!! MattyQ Ldog is... The Puppy! dorn284 Ldog is a nice guy. Do as he says. FlyingJellyfish ldoggy your name is perfect :3


Novum Culta

Mushroom Manor at Mushroom Union

Banhammer Monument at Novum Culta

Face Archives

Halo Adoration

Recently it was discovered that Ldog was a great lover and admirer of the Halo series, especially the recently released Halo 4. He is such a great fan that he and fellow admirer, Enjoku, created a short but deeply involved recreation of the final battle between Forerunner constructs Offensive Bias and Mendicant Bias, at the end of the Forerunner-Flood War 10,000 years ago. (Link to be provided shortly)