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"We live only to serve the public!" -CEO getplayerhead.sh?Ldog540&16.png Ldog540

Organisations PurpleEmporium
PurpleEmporium HQ.png

P&E Headquarters

Leadership getplayerhead.sh?Ldog540&16.png Ldog540, (getplayerhead.sh?Enjoku&16.png Enjoku has since retired)
Headquarters MountJackal
Founded 20th of April, 2012
Public? No
Status Unknown

A Modest Store

The sensational store chain PurpleEmporium we know today was once the brain-child of creative legend getplayerhead.sh?Enjoku&16.png Enjoku. P&E started out as a single shop in DiamondMall once called "Enjo's Shop" and sold meagre amounts of stonebrick, stoneslabs, sandstone, and wool. After this shop existed for a time and brought a moderate profit, Enjoku created a new shop at NewHaven, where he sold much of the same product. This was the way it was for a long period of time. Then Enjoku met getplayerhead.sh?Ldog540&16.png Ldog540.


Enjoku and Ldog quickly became pals on the server. They had some amazing adventures, saving countries, helping the meek, fighting hordes of creepers and skellies, and creating nations from a piece of dirt and a dream. One day Enjoku and Ldog were mining stone in a quarry near the LilaChinko stadium. Ldog spoke a single sentence that would change all of Freedonian history: "We should start a company."

The idea was sparked! Quickly seizing upon the inspiration, Enjoku held a meeting with Ldog to discuss this new company. For them, DiamondMall had fallen from its former glory. The shops were rarely stocked, the owners were hardly ever ingame, and wicked pvpers roamed the floors. This new company would be the start of a grand new age!

Within days of the inspiring idea, 5 new shops sprung up all across Freedonian soil, at many major new warps and rail stations. First was Forestberg, then came Autumnwood, then NovumCulta, Eiremall, and then LowerNovum!

Thus was formed, PurpleEmporium!

Current Times

After a rapid period of growth, PurpleEmporium fell into an economic slump, people weren't buying, the founders and employees weren't producing, it seemed PurpleEmporium would wither on the vine. However, after getplayerhead.sh?Enjoku&16.png Enjoku's retirement, getplayerhead.sh?Ldog540&16.png Ldog540 took the mantle of leadership. Now, PurpleEmporium is reaching a new era of growth, prosperity, and cheap goods, benefiting all of Freedonia.

Since the getplayerhead.sh?shypixel&16.png shypixel enchanting crisis, there has been no stable, cheap enchanting service in Freedonia. Not anymore! With recent advances in grinder efficiency formats created by getplayerhead.sh?Banandit&16.png Banandit, enchantments can now be found at the PurpleEmporium shop at the purple level of DiamondMall that are both cost-effective and high-quality. Best of all, these enchantments are purely vanilla, all experience gained from mobs, rather than god commands.


At PurpleEmporium, employees start as a lowly miner/wool shearer/farmer and work their way up to higher level positions. This is meant to reward hard workers and punish slackers. Essentially, PurpleEmporium is a meritocracy. Promotions are at the decision of the CEO and ViceCEO.

Employment and Current Employees

To be employed at P&E you must read and sign a written contract detailing penalties, duties, and responsibilities. However, know that there is also an intense screening process and interrogation routine to become an employee, as we want only the best miners and farmers!

-Current Employees-