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nexus_towns.png Cakeville
Founder Luigifan100
Contributors AndrestheMiner Korbs699 RainBd Radis Foxermonster kapepawa
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? Yes
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? Yes
Rail link? Yes
Boat link? Yes
Portal? No
Coordinates X=6758
Dimension Overworld
Map Link
Cakeville's official flag designed by _Skyfalls on May 18th, 2023

Cakeville is a town founded by Luigifan100. The town is themed around cakes and is located in a biome with a lot of snow. It was formed on 6/10/2022 and on 6/26/2022, it was given a nexus warp by Doublehelix457. You can visit Cakeville by going to Yellow Nexus 3 and heading to the Cakeville portal!

Cakeville Airport was started in September of 2022, it is currently under construction by GIJoseph1979; who is the builder of the airport.

Cakeville Port. What town isn’t complete without a port? Well, Cakeville has one. The port comes with railroad access, and is located near the airport. If you have a package coming by land, sea, or air, you can rely on the Cakeville Transit Authority.

Cakeville Park was started on April 3th of 2023 by Luigifan100, VAquila, and HeyHasio. It will have benches, flowers, trees, a greenhouse, pathways and fountains.

Town Staff Luigifan100 - Founder and Mayor Moxieskip - Co-Mayor GIJoseph1979 - Co-Mayor (Temporarily removed as user is inactive) SadieSadie - Co-Mayor Kendon - Co-Mayor _Skyfalls - Co-Mayor AJzzix - Co-Mayor HeyHasio - Transportation & Infrastructure Coordinator Clawtubby2 - Cakeville propagandist

Town Residents

(Please keep a consistent formatting) Luigifan100 doublehelix457 AndrestheMiner - (Co-Mayor title removed as user quit the server). HeyHasio miaoler AndrestheMiner cndx Nofleet zmdudeman Okibdoki B0ris_Johns0n Kari_jin Rafva GunCat2 Helpimdeadinside ickyacky Teaacup Txkeykeeper ScarClaw72 AzaleaDaMemelord Abamacus RainBd Fraccu bucketsofwasps 4untochrist NevadaDream Erttum Jibletz Radis Korbs699 Microcosms NedHuman NickEter Neokrai XyvernVII Anubis773 Xanpi3000 Foxermonster RuzeSunaNajabolje Kapepawa Moxieskip JimyHendricks 1235_John ibxtoydog dendord Cake70 Roostery Conrak Mihayrus jgo podd Selimbits Anna_28 NickolasDiamond WonkaOil420 JCobbler2012 OakSatyr pianoandart Equipo_W Rafva BryBer _BigTex_ WaffleNomster SadieSadie fearadust ClassicRock PokeInTheTrash Ahri_29 NightSteak9 FuzbolMC GIJoseph1979 Beeraeka Kendon Webchat427 Stelloz ProGamerNoob89 DerpySkydude legendaarisii Bubben1337 Mortandela32 Eclypto18 lukemaster60 Andres5000 BlackPanther2016 Telepatok HY_Turkic pretzie4592 LuigisBigMac Cudlesimp CaptainIceman VAquila Snowenti Crafter_Keegan cladderback SlothCubing ChaosManDans HandUnit Bustus2110 MSWindows

Media ScarClaw72 explored the town in which is the 94th episode of his Exploring Freedonia series, as part of the fourth season.

Cakeville 2023-03-25 21.38.23.jpg AJzzix visited the town in which is part of his MinecraftOnline World Tour.