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User supertec

The Derpiest Of Fennecs

Known as Super or Tec (Not Supertec :P) or supertecy
Gender Male
Location UK, Manchester
Nationality British
DOB -04-26
Occupation Professional Furry
In Freedonia
First joined 02 March 2011
First building Phoenix Hotel
Kit level **** Gold
Legacy donor level **** Gold
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"oh hi mark" - Tommy_Wiseau ||
"You're tearing me apart Lisa!!" - Tommy_Wiseau
"You're an asshole" - Everyone


>After plenty of building, slaughtering and adventuring in Single Player Minecraft, Supertec thought it would be wise to venture to different worlds via Multiplayer. Supertec joined the server on the 2nd of March 2011 using the account rlhowell and loved the atmosphere and the people.

After deciding he liked Minecraft enough to continue playing, he bought his own copy of the game, under the username supertec.
Supertec's first house was a 5x5 cobblestone hut with nothing but a crafting table and a furnace, this house later turned into a hotel known as Phoenix Hotel.

After the creation of Phoenix hotel, Supertec went on a 2 year hiatus until mid 2013 in which his return was welcomed with techkid6's major hugs and also the donation of his head.
After his return, Supertec then went on to build 'Hyptheria' a small wooden town next to a snowy coast. Later; Supertec abandoned this town to search for bigger and better things. Supertec is currently on his way to making a new town.

Favourite People

These are just some of my favourite people on MCO (If you're not here, then you haven't caught my eye :P) Feel free to add yourself after asking me <3
Admins: SlowRiot - The mighty owner of MCO and a great person to talk to. lacrosse1991 - The nicest admin on the server and probably the most helpful. stromhurst - One of my closest MCO friends and a great Admin, always ready to help. bastetfurry - A great Admin when she is online, and a fellow feline lover! chivalrousWeasel - One of the first Admins I met, very friendly and good to talk to Lothendal - One of the server's greatest builders, extremely friendly :D FlyingJellyfish - One of the only Admins I've not spoken to a lot, but very friendly nonetheless. techkid6 - One of the first people I ever spoke to, very friendly and helpful Admin :)
Moderators: dl69 - One of the kindest Moderators. Can be very strong about her belief in American freedom ;) Anna_28 - The nicest Moderator on McO (IMO) And ready to help with anything :D Enjoku - Very friendly and fun to talk to :D thesprazzzler - A weirdo who always pops up behind you. theschlozmeister - Pretty much the awesomest guy you meet in Freedonia, he'll help out if you ask him. TEllins - cakedicks <3
Normies crazyrecieve - Who needs staff anyway?

Most Hated People

These are the most hated people, for one or many reasons. These certain people should not talk to me, and if they do; certain insults will be flung. 44trent4 - Backseat Moderating / Creating a running commentary of everything / killing people for no reasons and annoying moderators are just some of the things that Trent does to annoy people. How he has any chance of getting back in the server's good books they must be very slim SavageClown - After introducing me to the server, being super friendly and helpful, to being demodded for not following the rules of moderating dissapointed me greatly.

Supertecy's and Telly's sooooper secret chest :o