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User walteratt

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Known as walter, rat
Gender Male
Nationality Australian
DOB -12-
Occupation Student
In Freedonia
First joined 19 August 2019
First building An odd structure I have since largely torn down.
Donor level * Donated
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A friendly and curious player, walteratt both asks and answers questions. He likes improving things, thus he looks for and reports grief and edits this wiki.


Although he heard of the server before, walteratt first joined after watching a video made by 2b2t youtuber FitMC that mentioned the server and peaked his interest. walteratt has never played 2b2t and has little exposure to other Minecraft servers. He enjoys playing on this server, so he does not look for other servers.

On the 9th of November, 2019 (GMT), he was promoted to moderator.


  • Laughing at what other players say.
  • The /banwhy command, because it explains why players are banned.
  • Standing around spawn doing nothing (do not ask him why).
  • Funny quotes in wiki articles.
  • Wiki editing, especially fixing errors or improving conciseness.
  • Exploring.
  • Reporting griefs he finds.


  • Griefers, because they often make buildings look horrible.
  • Toxic, racist players.
  • Players joking around, because he always take them seriously and so never laughs.
  • His hit-and-miss spelling and grammar in chat.
  • His connection stuffing up, causing him to disconnect.
  • Being confused with watertriber.
  • His questions being unanswered.
  • The /goodnight command, as it removes the challenges and opportunities presented by the monsters that spawn.

Chat snipplets

Snipplet from late October of 2019: Cake

* *walteratt hates cake.
* *mSup loves cake.
* JulianMagicCraft eats a cake
boxzy joined the game
<*walteratt> I don't like that you must place it down to eat it, because you cannot not modify other's builds.
<*mSup> You... Know that Cake is the main item of Freedonia, right?
<JulianMagicCraft> yes...
walteratt has spent over 300 hours online!
<*mSup> GG :OO
<*walteratt> You... Know that don't greif is the main rule of Freedonia, right?
Caitcicle started a fight with zelivir!
<*mSup> Is that a joke or smth? xD
<JulianMagicCraft> yes...
<*mSup> I get FURIOUS when I see someone griefing
<*mSup> It sucks