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User BlueBlaziken

A literal Blue Blaziken

Known as Blue, Blaziken, Blueziken
Gender Male
Location Australia
Nationality Australian
In Freedonia
First joined 18/2/2020 (DD/MM/YYYY)
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ***** Diamond
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< 1Catnip> hello african americn crepef (in response to seeing BlueBlaziken's old skin while being drunk)

< Darkerfly> A man who dedicated to build his island base.

< LxV3nDeTtAxX> blue is tolerable

About him

BlueBlaziken is a player and moderator on MCO. He has a artificial island where his base resides, a town and often asks and answers questions about the server. He can often be seen helping others out with their builds/projects, and before getting his alt, RedSwampert, was notorious for being AFK.

His builds

Across Freedonia, he's built many things, such as:

The Noob

When BlueBlaziken first joined, he didn't. A 1.7.10 bug that prevented people with render distances higher than 16 meant that BlueBlaziken got kicked out every time he tried to join. With a bit of help from the internet, he managed to diagnose the problem and join MinecraftOnline for the first time on 18/2/2020.

Unfortunately this bug managed to completely bypass the rules hall you spawn into for the first time, leading to a talk with Wulf_359 (a moderator at the time) over a crafting table being placed near the spawn tree farm. After that, not much else was known about him as he was generally very quiet and kept to himself most of the time. Most of the chat though of him as "that guy who dies a lot".

< DarthSagit> Blaziken you die a lot lol
< BlueBlaziken> i know lol
< BlueBlaziken> i'm very bad at minecraft

Before the 1.12 update and the introduction of the /store command, Blue could often be found wearing leather armour, as he found that iron and over was just too costly for him in terms of resources at the time.


BlueBlaziken was promoted to Moderator on 5/10/2020, and then was trained by jimmyd93. 1Catnip acted as the test dummy. He also role played as a griefer.

Other things

He's also town staff at Montegaux and Emberrest, and has helped out with other towns as well.

He also has an alt, RedSwampert.