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User Zomon333

An appropriately reskinned steve.

Known as Zomon, Zom, Nom
Gender Male
Location United States of America
Nationality American, Nom
DOB 1999-10-15
Occupation Student, Programmer, Dipshit
In Freedonia
First joined 03 February, 2013, at 10:53 P.M.
First building Random wood hut xArches yelled at him for building
Staff member Admin
Kit level ***** Obsidian
Legacy donor level ***** Diamond
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  • Redstone
  • Craftbook
  • Computer Science
    • Programming in:
      • C++
      • C#
      • Python
      • Java
      • JavaScript
      • Go
      • Swift
      • Clojure
      • MySQL
    • Web Design in HTML & CSS
  • Food
  • Sleep
  • Trading
  • Constructing infrastructure
  • Terraforming


  • Bash
  • Elm
  • Grief
  • Block lag


Nom's Demesne

A safe, enclosed area of public gardens, grinders, docks, and a tower to boot. Just outside of North Nexus.

Zomon333's Mapart

A mapart of Zomon's Logo. Can be found in North West regions of the map. Alternatively, visit Nom's Demesne to see the mapart!

Tal Rasha's Tomb

A recreation of the Diablo II Act II Boss region. Work In Progress.

Black Mesa Research Facility

Recreation of Half Life I. Start Date TBD.


Recreation of Westworld theme park. Start Date TBD.

A number of other builds that he's probably forgetting.

I know I own quite a few other builds. I'll work on them someday. For now, they're just going to remain unnamed.


  • Aided Anna_28 in the movement of a fireball into Batugus Labs
  • Became a moderator on May 2nd of 2015.
  • Became an admin on March 14th of 2021.
  • Has donated to the server four times, won Gold donator in a competition.
  • Has constructed the tallest practical tower within a considerable range of North Nexus.
  • Other things...
  • Intentionally banned an admin to see if he could do it. (Yes, he can. Sorry Ted.)


  • Makes no logic whatsoever.
  • Says Nom as a greeting.
  • Speaks French or Spanish

Other random stuff:

Zomon's first words on MCO:<Zomon333> hello people

The Last of the Pingy Killers TeleportBread was murdered by Zomon333 using [@everyone].