ArtVille Station

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blue_railwaystations.png ArtVille Station
Artville Station Entry (New).png

New Station entry made with Quartz

Owner Freedonia Railway System
Station Code Artville
Underground? Yes
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=-2685
Dimension Overworld
Settlement ArtVille
Map Link

ArtVille Station is an Railway station located on the Freedonia Railway System Great Northern Line in ArtVille

Station Structure

Artville Station is an underground station accessible with 2 subway entrances (1 for entry, 1 for exit) composed with Quartz and orange wool, in the past these entrance was made with stone

The station have two hall, one for departure, the second for arrival, both a accessible with an distinc entrance for each of them


List of services available at ArtVille station:

Next Station from ArtVille
FRS Great Nothern Line
To: Forbidden Outpost Next (West): Shore Town Station ArtVille Station Next (East): Casa de Austria Central Station To: Spawn

ArtVille Branch Secret Station

On the Branch to get ArtVille station, if you pay attention, you can see a secret junction who goes to an secret station not visible on the maps. You can enter this station with /st castlebunzo.

That station desserve a little underground room with an fountain, this place was nammed by his owner "Awesome Room N°2", a Lift permit to reach an glass tunnel (visible from the main tracks) and goes to an mysterious place nammed "Banco Fortress"

The owner of this secret station is unknow