Casa de Austria Central Station

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blue_railwaystations.png Casa de Austria Central Sta.
Casa de Austria Central Hub Station.png

Local railways platforms

Owner Casa de Austria Minecart Transportation
Contributors Crux_T, xxVegasxx and Tank_AUT
Underground? Yes
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=-1927
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Casa de Austria
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Casa de Austria Central Station is a Railway Station Hub located both on the Freedonia Railway System Great Northern Line and 3 local lines operated by Casa de Austria Minecart Transportation network in Casa de Austria

Station Structure

The station was built in the Underground of Casa de Austria city by xxVegasxx. the station have with all lines 6 platforms (1 for FRS line, 3 for local lines departure, 1 for local lines arrival and 1 unused platform)

The station can be reached from the surface with an unmarked slab slope near the South Eastern entry of the city

Entrance of the Hub Station

FRS Station

The FRS platform was build to the south of the hub, the station is connected to the Great Northern line with an impressive spiral slope

Casa de Austria Minecart Transportation Station

The "CDAMT" Station contain serveral plaforms connecting many place near the city, these destinations are:

The station have a centralized Cart Dispenser with an impressive redstone system for sorting minecarts on the right lines, but it's seems to be broken from several years

The station is NOT operated by Freedonia Railway System. So the stations and local lines may be not maintened anymore, use at your own risks


List of available services in Casa de Austria Central Station:

FRS Line

Casa de Austria Minecart Transportation System

Next Station from Casa de Austria
FRS Great Northern Line
To: Forbidden Outpost Next (West): ArtVille Station Casa de Austria Central Station Next (East): Central Nexus Station To: Spawn
Station Map
Station Layout
Line to: Pigchinko Dome

Next Station: Canal Link Station



Future Line to North Nexus (in project)
Line to: St Peter's Basilica (The Pit) Line to: Eastern Island
FRS Platform