Custom Crafting Recipes

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As part of the 1.12.2 Update, Freedonia has seen a need for some Custom Recipes handled by CraftingPlusPlus. Below is a list of Recipes that are now available. Each recipe works with Cart Craft and are fully automatable.

Name Description
Diorite TEMPORARY recipe to obtain Diorite
2 cobble + 2 bone meal = 2 Diorite
Granite TEMPORARY recipe to obtain Granite
Diorite + bone meal = Granite

Shaped Crafting Recipes

Name Description Recipe
Terracotta Re-dyeable Terracotta
8 Terracotta + 1 dye = 8 Terracotta of the Color of Dye
Stained Glass Allows for the Re-dyeing of glass
Re-dyeable Glass.png
8 glass + 1 dye = 8 Glass of the Color of the Dye
Dead Bush Allows for the crafting of Dead Bush
Dead bushrecipe.png
5 Sticks = 1 Dead Bush
Concrete Replaces the default method of obtaining Concrete
8 Concrete Powder + Water Bucket = 8 Concrete of the color of the Powder Provided
Red Sand Allows for the creation of Red Sand from Sand!
Dyeable sand.png
8 Sand + Red Dye = 8 Red Sand
Sponge Allows the creation of Sponge
5 Yellow Wool + 4 Slime Blocks = 1 Sponge
Gluten Free Bread A Fun random creation of NBT Bread!
3 vertical wheat = 1 Gluten Free Bread

Shapeless Recipes

Name Description Availability / Drop Rate
Red Sandstone Allows for the conversion of Red Sandstone back to Red sand
1 Red Sandstone = 4 Red Sand
Sandstone Allows for the conversion of Sandstone back to sand
1 Sandstone = 4 Sand
Podzol Allows for the creation of Podzol!
Dirt + Bonemeal + Any leaf (block) = 1 Podzol

Furnace Recipes

Name Description
Ice Smelt Snow to Ice! A port of a really old recipe.
Smelt 1 Snow = 1 Ice