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Discord Server

MinecraftOnline has a Discord Server, it was created in March 2017.

It is home to more than 5000 users as of August 2021.

It is the place where most of the active community now resides and likes to be when not directly in-game.


Staff members can be recognized by their red (for Admins) and blue (for Moderators) names.

Players who have donated to the server have a donor role, giving them a green name and access to a donor lounge channel. (Not to be mixed with Developer role, which gives a darker, green name.)

The #announcements channel, where updates and important news about the server are sent by Admins.

An #ingame channel, that relays messages from in-game to the Discord server thanks to MCO_Discord (Bot), allowing Discord users to chat with in-game players!

The #mco-memes channel, where players can post memes about MinecraftOnline, other players can upvote and downvote said memes.

The #leave-a-sign channel, where users can send one unique message to leave their mark on the server. You may only send a message once there, so make it count!



Managed by getplayerhead.sh?doublehelix457&16.png doublehelix457

  • Relays messages between the the IRC channel and the #ingame Discord channel.
  • Also relays IRC/ Discord join/ leave messages.
  • Uses Discord Webhook API username override to generate custom Avatars and nicknames for Ingame players and IRC users for discord.
  • Commands may also be executed through Discord to IRC.
  • Came online Friday, September 29 2017 at 11:30 (BST)
  • Migrated to Borealis on Wednesday, January 27th 2021, which should prevent further downtimes (RIP Sal9000)
  • If you encounter problems with the Bot, Please create an issue on the official issue tracker:


Incident with NarwhalBot
   <getplayerhead.sh?MrSlimeDiamond&16.png MrSlimeDiamond> right narwhalbot might get kicked from esper in a sec
   <getplayerhead.sh?MrSlimeDiamond&16.png MrSlimeDiamond> i wonder what happens if i do this-
   <getplayerhead.sh?techkid6&16.png techkid6> *Why...*
   * NarwhalBot has quit (Excess Flood)
   <getplayerhead.sh?techkid6&16.png techkid6> *sigh*

Managed by getplayerhead.sh?MrSlimeDiamond&16.png MrSlimeDiamond

  • Commands
    • (Admin only) +eval - Evaluate code to the bot.
    • !!timeplayed <playername> - Tells you how many hours a player has spent online
      • !tp - Alias
      • !tl - Alias
    • !!firstseen<playername> - Tells you when a player first visited
      • !fs - Alias
    • !!lastseen <playername> - Tells you when a player last visited
      • !ls - Alias
    • !bancount - Tells you how many bans there currently are on MCO
      • !bc - Alias
    • !bansuntil <number> - Tells you how many bans to go until <number> bans.
    • !randomplayer - Get a random ingame player
    • !ohai - How many times "Ohai" has been said since the bot joined the channel
    • Most commands work wth # in front of them to prevent ingame spam.
  • GitHub Repo
  • Has an Ohai counter
  • Formerly known as fricbot, but the name was changed due to confusion with pronounciation
  • Has a meme voting system for Discord


Managed by getplayerhead.sh?jmrjmr10&16.png jmrjmr10

    • .q <username> [<quote number>] Must be used on Telegram! Will send the quote lookup as an IRC user, which will result in l4mRbot replying with a quote from the username.
    • Allows l4mrbot quote lookups from MCO Telegram
    • %reputation <player> lookups of player reputation from IRC, Discord, and Telegram
    • Allows !discord use ingame


Managed by getplayerhead.sh?Anna_28&16.png Anna_28

Functions both in IRC and Discord, can bridge IRC and Discord channels.

Commands also work from ingame, Telegram, or in direct messages to the bot (IRC or Discord).

  • Is a silly bot
  • $firstseen [username] - returns first seen date of username
    • $fs, $firstjoin - aliases for above
    • Defaults to sender username if none given
  • $lastseen [username] - returns last seen date of username
    • $ls, $lastjoin - aliases for above
    • Defaults to sender username if none given
  • $timeplayed [username] - returns time played of username
    • $tp, $timeonline - aliases for above
    • Defaults to sender username if none given
  • $correctname <partial username> - returns full username
    • $cn, $name - aliases for above
  • $nearestplace <x> [y] <z> [settlement|building|warp] - returns nearest place name, wiki link, and distance
    • If used in Discord it will return a message embed with information on the nearest place including the wiki image, description, and categories
    • $np, $place - aliases for above
  • $map <x> [y] <z> [dimension] [zoom] [day|night] - returns map link
    • If used in Discord it will return a message embed with information on the map link including a link to a location documented on the wiki if one is nearby
    • $maplink - alias for above, only returns url
  • $maptile <x> [y] <z> [dimension] [zoom] [day|night] - returns map tile link
    • converts to an image when used in Discord
  • $ping - Replies with Pong
  • $stop (admin only) - Stops bot, and makes it leave IRC

More bots are in IRC and available through the #ingame channel.

How to join

If you want to join the Discord server of MinecraftOnline, there are many ways to do so, in-game, you can use /discord to have a link to join it.

You may also get a friend to invite you to it, or simply use one or those never expiring links to join it :

https://discord.com/invite/E2XV4tj https://discord.gg/minecraftonline


1) In addition to the In-Game server rules, we also have some Community Guidelines designed to make the MinecraftOnline Discord experience more enjoyable for everyone! If you see anyone breaching any of the guidelines below please contact a staff member.

2) A staff member may remove you from our Discord server without warning if they feel you have breached any of the guidelines below in any way. We also reserve the right to remove anyone we consider a disruption to the community.

3) All Discord Terms of Service apply, no ifs, ands or buts. Any “jokes” about violating the TOS may also result in a ban. If you need to review the Discord ToS, we have a handy link right here for you! https://discord.com/terms

4) Harassment and abuse of any kind is not allowed. Be kind and respect all other players.

5) Discrimination and hate speech is not allowed. Behavior or slurs that discriminate against any other user is strictly forbidden.  Also please be aware that while our In-Game server may have freedom of speech, here on Discord we do not.

6) No excessive spamming. This includes messages, reactions, emojis and mic spamming.

7) Avoid pinging Staff for no good reason. Unless there is an emergency, then by all means.

8) Advertising other servers is not allowed. We don't go to your communities and do this, we expect you to do the same.

9) External links leading to any malicious sites or content is not allowed. Do not click on any links that you feel are suspicious!

10) Do not share your personal information or anyone else's personal information. Please play it safe when online and keep in mind that you are with strangers!

11) Do not discuss or share any explicit, NSFW, sexual, topics or imagery. This is to keep the environment friendly and fun for everyone.

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