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Client display bug during chunk loading
Flying squid
Client death bug (zombie state)
Clientside zombie pigs
Chunk loading bugs allowing you to see through terrain
Invincipig stew
Attempting to use a dupe glitch, resulting in a crash bug

Client bugs

  • Disappearing paintings - workaround: relog.
  • Unloaded skins - workaround: relog. (Fixed?)
  • Invisible players - workaround: ask the other player to relog.
  • Invincible pigs appearing around mob spawners placed on grass - workaround: do not place mob spawners on or near grass blocks. (Fixed?)
  • The same thing happens with zombie pigs struck by lightning, only they have a tendency to multiply exponentially when struck again. (Fixed?)
  • Rendering bugs - tunnels and similar might be visible when moving fast or moving into and out of certain areas in darkness - see image on the right for a screenshot from a underground railway without any client mods and on a fast computer. Workaround: change the rendering distance, forcing nearer chunks to reload first.
  • Zombie state - caused by using /heal command when already dead, putting the player in a state where they cannot pick up any items or wear armour. Workaround is to relog, or in extreme cases to delete the player file to force it to reinitialise.
  • World holes - Missing chunks in the world which the affected player cannot cross. Sometimes useful for spotting diamonds - workaround: relog.

Server bugs

  • Cumulative java memory leaks - workaround: periodic restarts using !stop command in IRC.
  • Silent write fails, resulting in chunk corruption when saving - workaround: ensure sufficient disk space exists at all times.
  • Running out of memory causes catastrophic crashes - workaround: ensure sufficient swap is allocated at all times to cope with memory leaks.
  • Running out of file handles for network connections and open files - workaround: ensure user hard and soft limits are at the max with ulimit -HSn 65536, and the appropriate maximum limit in /etc/security/limits.conf. Alternative workaround: run the server as root (not recommended!)

Bug tracker

MinecraftOnline run a number of issue trackers. See Bug Reporting for further information, and to report any bugs.